Stacey Solomon And Rebekah Vardy Find Out ‘when They’re Going To Die’ In Bizarre Death Clock Game On Loose Women


STACEY Solomon and Rebekah Vardy found out when they’re going to die.

They discovered their fates in a bizarre game on Loose Women.

The Loose Women panellists discovered when they would die in a game of ‘death clock’

In a game called the ‘death clock’, the TV personalities filled in a questionnaire about their lifestyles which revealed how long they’ve got left.

Mum-of four Rebekah can breathe a sigh of relief as she’s sticking around until Monday 24 August 2071.

According to the results she won’t die until she’s 89, so at 36 she’s not even half way through her life.

Rex Features Rebekah discovered she would live until she was 89

28-year-old Stacey also has a long way to go if the results are anything to go by.

She was told that she would pass away on Tuesday 19 November, 2086, aged 97.

And as the eldest participant at 78, Gloria Hunniford, must have been relieved to discover she won’t die until Wednesday 16 July, 2042, at the age of 102.

According to the results, Stacey would die at 97

Resident TV doc, Hilary Jones, lead the morbid fun among the panellists and even joined in on the activity.

As a medical professional we can assume he leads a healthy lifestyle, so perhaps it’s unsurprising that he discovered he would live until he’s 91.

But he was quick to remind the audience that the results aren’t definitive.

Dr.Hilary even got involved and his results said he would die at 91

He said: “It’s not absolutely a guarantee to be correct, but it gives you a good idea if you’re doing the right things today going forward.

“And the good news is, you can always change what you’re doing today if the news isn’t that great.”

But despite his reassurance, Coleen Nolan refused to participate because she has a “thing” about death.

Coleen refused to get involved as she has a thing with death She said: “I just found out I was prediabetic on this show and then I was going to find out I’ll probably die next week.

“I have had so much death in my family, my sister, my other sister with breast cancer and now I’m prediabetic.”

refer to caption. Gloria is supposedly going to live until 102 according to the ‘death clock’

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