Soccer Aid 2019: Clive Tyldesley slammed for Susanna Reid ‘suicide watch’ comment

Soccer Aid 2019: Clive Tyldesley slammed for Susanna Reid ‘suicide watch’ comment

Soccer Aid aired last night and saw two star-studded teams compete for the glory of winning the match while also raising a lot of money for UNICEF.

However, many viewers have criticised commentator Clive Tyldesley for his role in the game.

Some weren’t happy to hear his comments about Susanna Reid, who was the manager of the losing England team. 

He said: “Might need to keep an eye on her tonight, suicide watch.”

Viewers were quick to notice Clive’s comment and they flocked to Twitter in outrage.

One said: “Did he really just make a f***ing suicide joke?! On live TV?!”

Another added: “Clive Tyldesley making a direct comparison of losing the #SoccerAid match to ‘suicide watch’. Very very awkward.”

A third shared: “‘Suicide watch’ what the hell where you thinking! Seriously sure it’s okay to make a joke but not with that in the joke!!”

A fourth commented: “@itv shocking behaviour by Clyde Tyldesley with the suicide watch comments especially at a charity event not at all funny.”

“Clive Tyldesley joking about Susanna Reid needing to be on suicide watch because she lost to Piers Morgan is utterly disgusting,” said a fifth.

Susanna said of Mark’s efforts: “And a terrific game last night. You played a blinder and you were absolutely brilliant.”

While the former TOWIE star accepted her praise and blew her a kiss for her own efforts, Piers saw the chance to make a joke.

He said: “Well, you did play a blunder because only a blind man would miss that goal by that much!”

At that, Mark hung up the phone after shouting “goodbye” to the hosts.

The presenters all cracked up laughing with Mark’s move before getting on with the show.

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