Shocking Video Of Fire-eater Accidentally Setting Herself Alight Before Leaping Off Stage In Front Of Horrified Crowd


THIS is the shocking moment a fire-eater accidentally set herself alight before leaping off stage in front of a horrified crowd.

The young woman was performing for revellers at the Evolution Macro Show in Pradejon, northern Spain, when the drama unfolded.

CEN A firebreather performs for a crowd during the Evolution Macro Show in the village of Pradejon in the northern Spanish region of La Rioja

Footage shows the performer on the stage as she brings the flaming torch to her mouth and blows fire into the air.

But a spark appears to catch her chin and within a split second, her entire head is engulfed in flames.

As a separate fire breaks out on the stage, the fire-eater is seen leaping from the high platform while audience members scream in horror.

Others appear totally bemused, wondering if it was part of the show.

CEN The woman can be seen blowing fire into the air from a flaming torch

CEN A spark from the torch appears to catch her chin and flames shoot upwards towards her face

The young woman, whose name was not revealed, was rushed to the Miguel Servet Hospital in Zaragoza with serious injuries to her head, arms and hands where she is currently receiving treatment.

There have been no further updates on the woman’s condition.

Fire-eaters create the dangerous spectacle by placing flames in their mouth and extinguishing them with their lips or quick exhaling breath.

As fire and hot air move upwards, it’s important they don’t inhale.

CEN The woman’s face is consumed by flames as she screams in front of the horrified crowd

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