Shocking Moment Motorist, 81, Slams Into Cyclists Leaving One Unconscious.. But Is Free To Drive Again In Just 2 Years


THIS is the brutal moment a pensioner driver ploughs into two cyclists leaving one unconcious on the side of the road.

Astonishingly, motorist Michael Tarrant, 81, will be allowed back on the roads in just two years despite the incident in Wincanton, Somerset in November last year.

Cycliq An 81-year-old driver was banned from the roads for just two years after ploughing into a group of cyclists

The video starts form a front angle, as two Lycra clad bikers from the Yeovil Cycle Club ride along the A359 in fluorescent gear.

Suddenyl a black car appears behind them.

Without warning it ploughs into the cyclists sending them catapulting off their bikes.

Screams of agony can be heard as the riders collide and are left in a crumpled heap on the Tarmac.

One was left unconscious while another was “shivering violently”.

Cycliq Another angle shows other riders being mowed down by the pensioner

Cycliq The cyclists are left in a crumpled heap on the Tarmac

Another video shows a second group being hit by the driver.

Tarrant denied causing serious injury by dangerous driving, and the charge was dropped by the courts.

Cyclist Martin Wills was riding with other club members, including his wife Sandra, Somerset Live reports.

Three of their party were taken to hospital for treatment.

Mr Wills said his wife had a broken finger, cracked ribs and knocked out by the force of the blow to the back of her head.

Mr Wills said: “My wife is still having treatment for a broken finger.

“Her ribs have mended and she has largely recovered from the concussion she suffered, but has been left with bad tinnitus.

“One of the other cyclists…lost part of her ear and suffered a deep cut to her leg.”

He added: “All of us have experienced flash backs of the incident and are still spooked by cars passing close from behind.”

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