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Semi-Detached cast: Who is in the cast of Semi-detached?

Semi-Detached begins on BBC Two on August 6 before being made available as a complete boxset on BBC iPlayer. The new sitcom features a number of famous faces in the leading roles – here’s what you need to know about the cast, including some insight from the stars themselves.

Who is in the cast of Semi-detached?

Stuart – Lee Mack

Lee Mack leads the cast as Stuart who is a wedding DJ struggling to balance his unique family life with his work.

Mack is a stand-up comedian also known for his hit series Not Going Out as well as appearing on the panel show Would I Lie to You.

Speaking about his role at the virtual press launch for the new series, Mack revealed to media including how the character is always getting into trouble caused by his loved ones.

He said: “It’s completely not the fault of Stuart. Everything that happens to him is a result of other people’s bad choices and telling him what to do.

“Well the one thing that is his fault is that he should just stand up for himself but he never does.

“He always tolerates it and it’s pathetic, I’m going to be honest. I got quite annoyed by the character by the end of the series!”

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Ted – Patrick Baladi

Kate’s new husband Ted is played by Patrick Baladi and does not see eye-to-eye with Stuart.

The actor is best known for playing Neil Godwin in The Office and has also starred in Breeders and Stella.

According to Baladi, Ted and Stuart do not get along very well in the new series.

He explained: “He is quite cruel to me and he’s not cruel to anyone else.

“I’m very happy to be that fall guy for him, who is in a worse position than he is really.”

Charlie – Neil Fitzmaurice

Neil Fitzmaurice plays Stuart’s brother Charlie in the new sitcom on the BBC.

The actor has recently appeared as Mr Bishop in Brassic and has also starred in Peep Show and Mount Pleasant.

Willie – Clive Russell

Stuart’s drug-taking dad Willie is played by Clive Russell on the show.

Russell recently played Wroth the Tusk Commander in Cursed and has previously played Brynden ‘Blackfish’ Tully in Game of Thrones.

Madonna – Sarah Hoare

Kate and Ted’s teenage daughter Madonna is played by Sarah Hoare in the show.

She is also known for her roles in Chewing Gum and Black Mirror as well.

Semi-Detached airs on Thursday at 10.05pm on BBC Two.


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