Scotrail Praised For Amazing Response To Passenger’s Racist Twitter Slur At Train Driver


A TRAIN company brilliantly slapped down a racist passenger who complained about having a ‘Pakistani’ driver – telling him to walk instead.

The passenger, tweeting under the name Ali Roberts, contacted ScotRail on Twitter to “make a formal complaint about your seating situation”.

Getty – Contributor The passenger made a racist complaint about his ScotRail service (file picture)

After the rail firm responded, directing the user towards their website, Roberts then complained about the ethnicity of the driver.

The troll wrote: “You have a Pakistani driving one of your trains………do you really think that’s safe?”

ScotRail responded: “Yes. Very safe. Feel free to walk instead.”

The stance was widely praised by passengers on Twitter as well as leading politicians.

Twitter The passenger initially complained about seating arrangements

Twitter A subsequent racist tweet was quickly slammed by the train firm

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