Scientists Find Fish Become More Boring And Less Sociable When They’re Loved Up


OUTGOING, happy-go-lucky fish are like humans in that they can lose their personality when they get a partner, scientists say.

A study of three-spined sticklebacks found they had a range of personalities and varied in sociability and willingness to take risks.

Ardea London Ltd Having a partner seemed like a good idea but there was soon some-fin missing from the fishes’ personalities

Researchers scored the tiny fresh-water fish as sociable or unsociable and tested them for their boldness when alone and when paired.

They found a sociable fish that boldly took risks when on its own, stopped being so daring when it was in a pair.

Unsociable fish were a little less likely to curb risk-taking. Boldness in animals is often associated with leadership which can result in getting more food but also means they become a more likely target for predators.

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