Schoolboy, Eight, Taken Off Mum Because She Didn’t Take Him For Ice Cream


A MUM has been told she can have her son back after he was put into care when she was branded unfit because she did not take him for ice cream.

The unnamed boy, eight, was taken off his mum and put into foster care after a social worker for Carmarthenshire social services said the boy’s emotional needs were not being met at home citing him not being taken for a treat and not getting the haircut he wanted.

Alamy The hearing took place at the High Court in London

Mr Justice Mostyn, sitting at the High Court, yesterday said the social worker’s criticisms were “utterly insubstantial” and “obviously inconsequential”.

The case was brought to the High Court after a lower ranking Swansea judge had ruled the boy should be handed over to foster parents following an 44-page application by the local authority.

But Mostyn attacked the social worker’s criticisms of no ice cream and wrong haircut at the London hearing and said that after going over the “swathes of text”, added that it was “very hard” to figure out what the youngster’s mum had done wrong.

Mostyn overruled the decision to move the youngster into care, saying there was no evidence her parenting had been “deficient”.

Photoshot Justice Mostyn branded the complaints ‘utterly inconsequential’

He said: “The local authority’s evidence in opposition to the mother’s application was contained in an extremely long, 44-page, witness statement made by the social worker.

“This witness statement was very long on rhetoric and generalised criticism but very short indeed on any concrete examples of where and how the mother’s parenting had been deficient.

“Indeed, it was very hard to pin down within the swathes of text what exactly was being said against the mother.

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