Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt's announcement puzzles viewers 'They admitted it!'

Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt's announcement puzzles viewers 'They admitted it!'

One of the things fans love about the BBC’s Saturday cookery programme is the fact it’s live, and the presenters often make use of this by asking viewers to interact with the show during airtime.

A regular weekly segment sees the programme’s host asking fans to vote for whether they want the show’s special celebrity guest to eat their “Food Heaven” or “Food Hell”.

But following the reveal today’s Saturday Kitchen was being pre-recorded, this also meant viewers wouldn’t be able to tweet the show their choices for music superstar Beverley Knight.

Presenter Matt Tebbutt was joined in the studio by chefs Glynn Purnell and Anna Haugh today.

Drinks expert Olly Smith then rounded off the group with theatre star Beverley.

But after the introductions were over, Matt suddenly announced: “Right now we’re not live today so there’s no viewer vote, stay tuned to the end to see if Beverley will get her food heaven or food hell.”

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the news, viewers were confused.

One posted: “#SaturdayKitchen Not live this week, so presumably they’ve had time to edit out all of the c**k ups”

“#saturdaykitchen hahahaha! They admitted it!” another surprised fan exclaimed.

“Here we go another *definitely not* live #saturdaykitchen,” a third complained.

And a fourth grumbled: “#SaturdayKitchen There’s no sense of jeopardy with the mandolin when it’s not live.”

“Excellent timing … for a show that, for once, isn’t live! #saturdaykitchen,” a fifth added.

Also during today’s show, Irish chef Anna and Matt had a little bit of a tiff as they tried to cook her first dish together.

Operating at “break-neck speed” according to the chef, the pair were racing about the kitchen trying to assemble salmon and cream cheese with a cucumber and dill salad.

Yet while they were chatting, Matt cut some of the salad into large slices and put them into a frying pan, prompting alarm from Anna.

Spotting the decision, Anna said quickly: “I’m just going to take out these big pieces here because they’re never gonna cook in an hour…”

Taken-aback, Matt fired back with a grin: “Ok… remember what I was saying about you being really nurturing…”

“If we weren’t filming I’d be beating you over the head with a wooden spoon,” Anna joked, as Glynn supported the chef by noting she did “say it really nicely”.

“Oh that’s alright, it’s not like we’re on telly or anything,” Matt replied, but the duo’s jokey spat was over quickly.

“Smells delicious, this vinaigrette smells gorgeous Matt, surprised again!” Anna teased.

Saturday Kitchen continues Saturdays at 10am on BBC One.

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