Samsung’s Folding Smartphone Expected To Cost More Than £1,300 When It Lands In 2019


SAMSUNG’s foldable Galaxy X smartphone will cost a whopping £1,300 when it arrives next year, according to a fresh leak.

That’s more than the pricey £999 iPhone X and the £869 Samsung Galaxy S9+.

TechConfigurations Renders show the Samsung Galaxy X when folder over

TechConfigurations The phone also unfurls to show off its larger screen

The lavish price tag could derail the bendy phone’s chances of success, top analyst Daniel Ives of GBH Insights told The Sun.

“We would view this price tag as a major gut punch to demand as $1,000+ sticker shock has been a major pain point for Apple with iPhone X,” he said.

“Any phone costing 1,500 euros would have lacklustre demand regardless of the features and could alienate customers to look at competitive offerings with lower price points in our opinion.”

Sure enough, the iPhone X’s price was bashed as a major turnoff for buyers, leading to weak demand for the phone – according to industry watchers – though Apple shrugged off concerns by reporting that overall iPhone sales were up 14 percent in the second quarter year-over-year.

TechConfigurations The futuristic smartphone will reportedly cost £1,300 when it lands next year

And £1,300 would put the Galaxy X out of reach for most of the public, no matter how innovative the phone turns out to be.

The price tag tip comes by way of The Korea Times.

The latest rumblings suggest the foldable phone will pack a massive 7.3-inch screen on the inside, made up of two displays, that when folded over will result in a smaller 4.5-inch screen on the outside of the device.

Samsung has a celebrated history of smartphone innovation, which spans its influential curved AMOLED screens (available on the latest Galaxy S9 phones), and its larger Note series – which led the way for other phablets.

And the Galaxy X could continue that tradition, with the Korean manufacturer reportedly rushing to make it the world’s first foldable smartphone.

But this type of phone – complete with several expensive OLED screens that boast a super-sharp resolution – won’t be cheap to manufacture.

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