Samsung unevils £12,000 VERTICAL TV dubbed Sero that’s designed for phone-obsessed Millennials

Samsung unevils £12,000 VERTICAL TV dubbed Sero that’s designed for phone-obsessed Millennials

FOR tech-obsessed Millennials, life can be tough when it’s not watched through the vertical screen of a smartphone.

Korean tech titan Samsung has decided to pander to this craving with a new £12,000 TV that flips the display on its side.

Samsung Sero
The Samsung Sero is a telly with a vertical screen

Unlike conventional tellies, which are orientated horizontally, the Samsung Sero has a 43″ vertical screen.

It’s been specially designed for the millennial generation by quickly syncing with your phone to help you rifle through social media feeds on a big screen.

And for those who prefer a more traditional viewing experience, it’s mounted on a rotating stand.

That means you can stroll over and swing the screen to landscape mode for TV shows and films.

Samsung Sero

The Sero was announced by Samsung today along with two other new Samsung tellies[/caption]

Samsung says it “analysed the characteristics of the Millennial generation” to come up with the strange design.

Aside from the gimicky rotating screen, the telly boasts a 4.1-channel, 60-watt high-end speaker that can blast music from your smartphone or one of various music streaming platforms.

When not in use, it can switch to become a giant digital photo frame.

And while it’s targeted at Millennials, the hefty price tag may be enough to put off most young buyers.

The Sero is out in South Korea next month for a whopping £12,6oo.

It remains unclear if the TV will be released in other countries.

In other Samsung news, the firm released its groundbreaking Galaxy Fold smartphone in February to much furore.

However, despite the gadget’s £1,800 pricetag, reviewers report it breaks after just a couple days of use.

That’s not stopped Samsung ploughing on with the Sci-Fi project, with two more Fold phones apparently in the works.

Would you buy a vertical TV? Let us know in the comments.

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