Rupert Everett Is At His Wittiest And Most Tender In The Happy Prince As Oscar Wilde


SOMETIMES the stars align and an actor finds a role that isn’t so much meant for them as you can’t understand how they could ever play anyone else.

I’m thinking Hannibal Lecter/Anthony Hopkins, Sigourney Weaver/Ripley and the man who has written, directed and stars in The Happy Prince – Rupert Everett.

Free for editorial use Rupert Everett is excellent as the shell-shocked Oscar Wilde thrown into a life on the run

To say he was born for this role is an understatement.

Opinionated, outspoken and (according to the man himself) derailed professionally because of his sexuality – Everett pours ever ounce of his being into this

Financing and making it almost finished him off, but watching this tender and witty depiction of a man battered by circumstance, he’d be forgiven for sit back and feel remarkably self-satisfied.

Unlike previous biopics, Everett chooses to focus on Wilde post-jail up to his miserable death.

Alamy Rupert Everett stars as Oscar Wilde alongside Emily Watson as Constance Wilde and Colin Firth as Reggie Turner in The Happy Prince

A shell-shocked man thrown into a life on the run – relying on handouts from his estranged wife and forced into the gin palaces and brothels of Paris.

We see him at his worst, then watch it all go downhill from there – his spirit broken after a nasty altercation with his angry public at Clapham Junction.

Rupert Everett chooses to focus on Oscar Wilde post-jail up to his miserable death in The Happy Prince

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