Rspca Issues Warning As Animals And Primates Are Being Sold On Facebook


MONKEYS are being sold on Facebook and delivered to the door, the RSPCA is warning.

The number of primates changing hands online is on the up and it needs to stop, the charity says.

Dean Gaston Marmoset monkeys just like this one are being sold on the social networking site Facebook

On Facebook, prices range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand.

Marmosets are readily available with some sellers offering to deliver them. RSPCA specialist Dr Ros Clubb said: “Social media has made it ­easier for ­people to sell their pets online.

“It’s a danger for the animal’s welfare because the buyer might have no experience whatsoever.”

There is no law against many monkeys being kept as pets or ­privately sold. But the RSPCA says it receives up to 120 calls a year from those worried about online sales to unsuitable owners.

Dean Gaston One monkey was seen being advertised for £1200

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