Rolls-royce Tech Whizz Held By Mi5 Denies Giving China Raf Jet Secrets


A ROLLS-Royce engineer arrested over a suspected plot to pass secrets to China yesterday insisted he is innocent.

Combustion expert Bryn Jones, 73, was held amid fears Beijing had gained details of the RAF’s new £100million F-35B stealth jet.

British Rolls-Royce engineer Bryn Jones, 73, has insisted he is innocent

Jones was arrested after it was feared Beijing had gained key information of the RAF’s new £100million F-35B stealth jet

Mr Jones, a visiting professor to a Chinese university, told The Sun: “The police are right to conduct this investigation thoroughly because from what I have read this is a very serious security breach and this country needs to be protected.

“But in due course it will become clear I am innocent of any crime.”

He has been bailed to his home in Belper, Derbys, where he lives with wife Dorothy, 75.

Daughter Jean said: “He’s worked for Rolls since he was 18. You can’t imagine someone more loyal. I’ve no idea what his political views are. He’s certainly not some mad Communist who wants to bring down this country.”

Andrew Styczynski – The Sun Plain-clothes police were seen outside Jones’s home

Andrew Styczynski – The Sun Mr Jones’s home is close to Rolls-Royce’s headquarters

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