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Ranvir Singh calls out Adil Ray in awkward GMB spat ‘Bone to pick with you!’

Adil Ray OBE and Ranvir Singh had an on air spat during Good Morning Britain today when the latter pulled up her co-star for his treatment of her, compared to fellow GMB host Charlotte Hawkins. The two were obviously joking, and viewers enjoyed their light-hearted banter. 

Taking time out of delivering the news, Ranvir said: “Can I just say, I’ve got a bone to pick with you -“ 

“Sorry [are] you talking to somebody else are you?” Adil joked looking around the empty studio. 

“I’m talking to you!” Ranvir continued. “When you were presenting with Charlotte this week -“ 

“Oh Charlotte!” Adil interrupted and fondly remembered. 

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“So hang on, this is what he tweets out, ‘back with this amazing person Charlotte Hawkins, love working with this lady’ in another tweet,” Ranvir read out. 

“What did you give me this morning?” She asked. “Absolutely nothing!” 

“I’ve messaged – I’ve said you’re my favourite or something,” Adil argued. 

“No you haven’t! I demand you relook at your co-host relationship,” viewers saw Ranvir hit back. 

One said: “@GMB @ranvir01 and @adilray Great to see you both together. Both funny, and giving balanced discussion. A good start to the morning. I shall enjoy my summer Thursdays and Fridays because of the combination of presenters on the show.” 

“@GMB @ranvir01 and @adilray Funny together just what we need right now,” another remarked. 

However, some were missing the usual presenting line-up. 

“@GMB, @ranvir01 and @adilray Bbc ratings up then again I don’t think @adilray is a good presenter on GMB  hurry up @piersmorgan and come back,” someone tweeted. 

Never thought I’d say it but bring back Piers and Susanna,” another added. 


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