Pub Landlord Rakes In £20,000 In ‘fines’ After Banning Drinkers From Using Their Phones


A PUB has banned drinkers from using their mobiles – and has raked in £20,000 by fining rule-breakers.

Landlord Mark Robson laid down the law with locals when he took over the boozer.

Gary Stone -The Sun Landlord wants customers to talk to each other instead of looking at their phones

The aim was to make sure customers chatted to each other. If anyone’s phone rings or beeps, he fines them £1.

All the money is then donated to charity by the Just Reproach, in Deal, Kent.

Barman Martin Docherty said: “It’s quite an event if a phone rings on a packed Friday night.

“There’s a round of applause, and all positive as it means someone’s got to donate.”

Gary Stone -The Sun If anyone is caught with their phone they are fined £1

Gary Stone -The Sun No phones allowed in local boozer in a bid to get people socialising again

Gary Stone -The Sun Pub regular Michael Spicer says is quite an event if someone’s phone rings

Gary Stone -The Sun Landlord Mark Robson changed the rules of the boozer after he took over to no phones allowed

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