Porsche Racing Driver George Gamble Banned From The Road After Smashing Pick-up Truck Into Cottage After Necking Six Pints


A PORSCHE racing driver has been banned from the roads after downing six pints and smashing his pick-up truck into a cottage.

George Gamble, 21, now faces being thrown out of Amigos Team Parker in the Carrera Cup GB Championship, where he is currently in fifth place.

BPM Media George Gamble has been banned from the road for 20 months after crashing his pick-up truck into a cottage

Prosecutor Lee Shepherd told Nottingham magistrates Gamble drank six pints of lager with pals in a pub in Southwell, Notts, in February.

At 2am his Ford Ranger with a personal plate GAMIE was doing up to 30mph when it smashed into the £250,000 house – which had to be demolished.

Gamble then did a runner after the smash.

Cottage owner Tony Scarborough counted himself lucky to be alive at the time and said: “It has original wooden beams. If it were not for the beams, I don’t know where the car would have ended up.

BPM Media Gamble could face being chucked out of the team he drives for

BPM Media The cottage has had to be demolished due to the accident

BPM Media Gamble had downed six pints before crashing his car

Twitter Gamble did a runner after crashing in Nottinghamshire

BPM Media Gamble admitted being over the limit and failing to report an accident

“It looked like a bomb had gone off.”

Mr Scarborough and his five-year-old son Louis was asleep in a ground-floor room when it happened.

He said: “When Louis heard the chimney breast had collapsed, he asked if Santa could still get in.

“My son’s room is above where the car hit but luckily, because of redecoration, he was not in there and we were sharing a room downstairs.

“There was a big bang of course but then there was a rumbling noise as bricks and parts of the kitchen came down.

“It only went on for a second but it felt like a long time.

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