Pointless: Richard Osman gives huge warning to contestants over ‘perilous’ round

Pointless: Richard Osman gives huge warning to contestants over ‘perilous’ round

Pointless aired a “high octane” show today when they featured an picture round on office stationary. 

Of course, it was all in jest, but Richard Osman stopped for a moment to tease the third round. 

When the second round finished, the genius started to joke about how viewers should prepare themselves.

Turning to his colleague, Alexander Armstrong, Richard said: “Can I just say in this first question…?

“It’s one of those ones where we give out warnings at home. 

“If there is someone at home who has high blood pressure or anything like that, this first question is quite high octane.”

The contestants all looked at each other and gasped, wondering what horrors could possibly be awaiting them. 

Richard continued: “You know, it’s one of those ones that’s going to get the pulse racing a little bit. 

“I’m giving you a mild peril warning to people. It has an excitement level that I think is going to affect people.”

“If you have any sort of disposition at all, maybe nip out and make a cup of tea.”

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Alexander wondered what viewers could do if they didn’t want to miss the programme, but they did want to protect themselves. 

Richard placed his hand over his eyes, shielding them from the imaginary TV screen. 

“Do that throughout,” he added. “Because it’s quite something.”

After saying it will be fine, Alexander then continued to introduce the round, which got a big giggle when it appeared on screen. 

Thankfully, the round wasn’t too tricky for either pair of contestants as they sailed through the question.

Richard joked about the round: “Strictly speaking, Bear Grylls should be hosting this bit.

“Good luck everybody at home, I hope you’re all well.”

Earlier in the week on Pointless, Richard berated the contestants for their “obvious answers”. 

He wanted the players to go for the zero-scoring answers, but they went for the better-known options instead.

Pointless airs weekdays on BBC One at 5.15pm. 

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