Piers Morgan And Susanna Reid Reveal There Will Be A Good Evening Britain For The First Time Ever


PIERS Morgan and Susanna Reid have revealed there will be a Good Evening Britain for the first time ever later this month.

The co-hosts revealed the exciting news on Good Morning Britain earlier today, as they announced they will be doing a special evening edition on June 28.

ITV Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid have announced there will be a Good Evening Britain for the first time ever

As the studio lights dimmed just after 6am today, Piers, 53, said: “Good news Britain! You’re going to get a lot of me in the evening.

“Because we’re having our first ever Good Evening Britain.”

As the cameras panned back the Good Morning Britain logo was shown – but it had been tweaked to read ‘Good Evening Britain’.

Susanna, 47, called out: “We’ve made the big time!”

ITV There will be a special evening edition of the show on June 28

Her co-host continued: “June 28 after the third England world cup qualifying game when gazillions of people will be watching ITV.

“They have selected the network. Their two biggest stars…”

As the pointed at Charlotte Hawkins and Alex Beresford he joked: “..yes, their two biggest stars. To cement things in prime time.

“We are coming to prime time. We’re very excited about it.”

ITV Earlier today the hosts unveiled a new logo as they dimmed the studio lights to get in the mood

Susanna commented: “I love the new lighting.”

Piers added: “I won’t have to go to bed until mid-afternoon.”

ITV Piers joked that Charlotte Hawkins wouldn’t be joining them

Fans of the show were delighted by the news, and took to Twitter to share how happy they were at the one-off time change.

One wrote: “Congratulation for the Good evening Britain.”

Another commented: “Good evening Britain… Brilliant double dose.”

A third shared: “I will be watching good evening, Britain! @piersmorgan #powersofpiers”

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