Peta Todd Feels ‘normal’ Again Post-partum But She Still Has Her Body Hang-ups


THE mum-of-three talks about family life in her weekly column.

Today Peta, who is married to Olympic cycling great Mark Cavendish, turns her attention to the “post-partum rules” … 


Stewart Williams – The Sun Peta says there is no right or wrong way to look or to be post-partum

SINCE giving birth to my fourth child, Casper, I’ve quickly tumbled into the chapter of motherhood entitled: “How you should look and act post-partum.”

Everyone has an opinion on the matter. There is a tightrope new mums are supposed to walk.

Somewhere between not looking like s*** but not appearing to have things too under control.

The biggest post-partum sins are, of course, daring to be smug, managing to paint your face in make-up and “snapping” quickly back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Peta with her cyclist husband Mark Cavendish and their newborn

I certainly agree there should be absolutely no pressure to lose weight, wash your hair daily, cook a family dinner or stop wearing stretchy leggings and a comfy maternity bra.

But – and here is where I prepare to have rotten fruit thrown at me – what if you really do feel OK?

Peru Two Michaella McCollum shows off post baby body as she enjoys hot weather in pre-pregnancy clothes

What if you actually do manage to get back into those magical, mythical jeans in a couple of weeks?

What if you can sleep on your front again and you relish wearing mascara again without fear of looking like a panda because you are no longer ruled by watering eyes from being sick?

Peta says she may have only put on since 6lb since before she was pregnant but that is just the way her body happens to be

I have found that for every comment I have received saying “how well” I’m doing, I have had another suggesting I must be masking something.

Or that I am surely dieting with a three-week-old.

I promise that is NOT the case.

The truth is I am only 6lb heavier than before I got pregnant.

Stewart Williams – The Sun Peta admits she doesn’t love the crepey skin on my tummy from it stretching around four babies

I’m not bragging about that.

That is just my body – it has done that on its own. It may be down to genes or it may simply be luck.

But am I desperate to get a bikini on? Or do I love the crepey skin on my tummy from it stretching around four babies? No.

Stewart Williams – The Sun Peta says her hang-ups are no less valid because she appears to be back to normal – or because she covers her extra tummy droop with a baggy T-shirt

Did I blub to myself at 5am when my husband left to race for a month, just a week after our baby was born? Yup.

Are my hang-ups less valid because I appear to be back to normal – or because I cover my extra tummy droop with a baggy T-shirt and distract with a red lipstick and newly painted nails? No, they aren’t.

This is what works for me. My make-up and clothes are my armour so I can get shizzle done.

There is no “right” way to be, look, adapt or care for your baby. It’s all relative.

I feel just as baffled by my 6lb of squidge as someone else does about putting on two stone.

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