People With These Names Are Thought Of As More Successful In Life – Did Yours Make The List?


WANT your child to be destined for success? The answer might be in their name.

In fact, two thirds of Brits think that your first name can affect how far you’ll go in life, and the top monikers have been revealed.

Getty – Contributor Brits believe that the name you are given can affect your success in life

Top of the charts is William and Victoria, with 37.8 per cent of those in the Grosvenor Casinos survey thinking these are the most successful names.

Coming in a close second was George (37.3 per cent) and third place went to Elizabeth (36.3 per cent).

Also making the top five were Richard and Alexander (32 per cent) and Thomas (28.1 per cent).

When it comes to how you are perceived, nearly half of Brits (46 per cent) think that sharing a name with a historical figure can help your chances in life.

Getty Images – Getty Royal names are thought to increase your chance of success, with Elizabeth coming in third place

It might be no wonder that David and Victoria have gone far in life, with their names both in the top 10

And 30 per cent think that sharing a name with a celebrity can boost your success by association.

When asked about their own names, more than two in five Brits believe their first name has affected how successful they are.

And 21 per cent would change theirs because it’s “too common”.

Meanwhile 20 per cent said they wanted to pick a new name due to people never know how to pronounce theirs.


William and Victoria (37.8%) George (37.3%) Elizabeth (36.3%) Richard and Alexander (32%) Thomas (28.1%) David (27.8%) Harry (25.5%) John (24.2%) Oliver (23.1%) Olivia (18.6%)

Head of brand for Grosvenor Casinos’, Caroline Webb said: “It’s so interesting to see what the nation considers to be a successful name.

“It does ask the question, if you are given one of these names, are you more primed for success in life?”

So what’s in a name? A lot apparently!

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