Outspoken Luisa Zissman on why English kids are ‘pathetic’ and feminists are just ‘hairy women who hate good-looking women’

Outspoken Luisa Zissman on why English kids are ‘pathetic’ and feminists are just ‘hairy women who hate good-looking women’

LUISA Zissman is never afraid to speak her mind – even if it lands her in hot water.

Earlier this week, the former Apprentice star shamed a “jobsworth” easyJet air hostess who “threatened to fine a family £100” after allowing their two-year-old to child stand on a seat.


Luisa Zissman has three daughters under the age of 10[/caption]

Luisa filmed the entire exchange on her phone while on board a flight from Nice to London Gatwick – despite being threatened with a £250 fine – before sharing it with her 500,000 Instagram followers.

In an attempt to hit back at the easyJet “bully”, Luisa told The Sun Online: “She was being antsy, stropping around the cabin anyway. She seemed to home in on that family. The little boy had socks on, he was literally not bothering anyone.”

And this no-nonsense approach is something Luisa applies to all aspects of her life – whether that’s her jet-setting career, parenting her three young girls or hitting back at “angry” feminists.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Luisa revealed that she has an “old-school” parenting style in comparison to most British mums who are “scared of their kids”.

Apprentice star Luisa Zissman filmed this woman she claimed was ‘intimidating’ a family about their two-year-old son
Instagram/Luisa Zissman
Apprentice star Luisa, 32, posted the video to her 500,000 Instagram followers
Instagtram/Luisa Zissman
Instagram/Luisa Zissman


The mum-of-three said: “My parenting technique is quite tough and not overly sympathetic. I do not pander to them AT ALL.

“When you look at what nine year olds are doing in Africa, our nine year olds in England are pathetic.”

In fact, Luisa is so determined to teach her daughters – Dixie, 9, Indigo, 3, and 18-month-old Clemmie –  to be independent of her that she’s trained them to help out around the house.

She said: “I want them to be tough and strong and independent feisty women.


Luisa makes a conscious effort not to show her three daughters’ faces on her social media profiles[/caption]

Luisa married businessman Andrew Collins in 2015 and the couple share daughters Indigo and Clemmie

“Clemmie is one and a half and I’ll say to her, ‘put this in the bin’ or ‘clean the table’ and give her a cloth and she’ll do it.”

What’s more, nine-year-old Dixie can even cook dinner for the whole family if Luisa needs her to.

“If she’s hungry, she’ll never wait for me to cook dinner,” Luisa said. “She’ll just go and do it herself which is handy.

“She helps me with roast dinners, chicken fajitas, she’s amazing at apple crumble which she makes by herself. Completely alone, she’ll make things like jacket potato, beans, and pizza.”

And when the girls turn 16, the mum insists that they’ll be straight done to their local supermarket to stack shelves like she did.

“Today’s kids think they’re owed something and no one owes you anything,” Luisa said. “You have to work and earn respect.”

Doug Seeburg – The Sun

Luisa’s eldest daughter Dixie – pictured in 2014 – is nine[/caption]

Similarly, Luisa insists her daughters will not be setting up social media profiles until they are old enough to cope with the pressures.

The protective mum has stopped sharing pictures of them on her own Instagram entirely to allow them to grow up outside of the spotlight.

“Instagram sets the age at 13 but the amount of 10-year-olds that are on it is just ridiculous,” she said. “I honestly believe that parents who let their children on social media before the guideline age that that company has set are just absolutely mental.

“It’s just so detrimental to your kids. I think it verges on neglect. I don’t think they’re emotionally or mentally ready for it and we just encourage our kids to grow up too quickly.

“Parents are so scared of their kids nowadays. They’re scared to say no – what’s the worst thing that’s going to happen?

My parenting technique is quite tough and not overly sympathetic. I do not pander to them AT ALL. Parents are so scared of their kids nowadays. They’re scared to say no…

Luisa Zissman

“They’re going to kick and scream and have a strop for an hour and then they’re going to be fine. I just don’t back down.”

Although Luisa loves the “girl gang” she has waiting for her at home, the former Celebrity Big Brother star – who married Irish business Andrew Collins in 2015 – has reached her limit with children.

“Three is enough. I’ve definitely done my bit for procreating on this planet,” she joked. “I think clever people only have one. Because they know what an easy life is.”

Describing herself as “quite a selfish person”, Luisa added: “Sometimes I think ‘oh god, why did I do this to myself? Life would have been SO easy if I’d just had one’.”

On the face of things, Luisa appears to be the embodiment of a modern-day feminist.

Luisa posed for Zoo magazine three times before it folded in 2015

Her podcast Loose Lips – which she hosts with Celebs Go Dating star Anna Williamson – hit number one on the Apple iTunes podcast on the first day of its release.

Along with raising her three girls, Luisa also makes time to see her girlfriends such as TOWIE’S Sam Faiers.

However, the outspoken star revealed she HATES the word feminist as it’s something only “hairy women who hate good-looking women and men identify with”.

She said: “I don’t like what it’s become. I love women, I love the fact that we’ve made massive tracks professionally.

“There’s still some bits to work on but generally I think we’re moving in a really good direction and it seems like there’s a ‘let’s kick a fuss up about nothing’ mentality.”

Referencing an M&S Christmas display which was labelled sexist for flogging men suits and women “fancy little knickers”, she added: “I don’t get why some things that are so minor are made into a big deal by bored housewives.


She might hate the word feminist but Luisa is all for Spice Girl’s ‘Girl Power’[/caption]


Luisa participated in the Magnolia Cup earlier this month and raised £24,000 for the charity Wellbeing for Women[/caption]

“I’m all for powerful women but it’s just gone so far from what I think it is.

“For me, it’s about choice and women being able to have choices in their life and what they choose to do. If they choose to go and be a porn star, that’s fine. If they choose to be a Prime Minister, that’s fine.

“But what I don’t agree with is other women telling women who have made that choice to be a stripper or a porn star or whatever is that they can’t do that. That doesn’t sit well with me at all.

“I’ve done things feminists wouldn’t agree with at all. I’ve posed for lads mags and I got a lot of stick when I did that but that was my choice. I think it’s so nice to be able to have that choice.”

Having first started riding at the age of four, Luisa spent the past eight months furiously training for Glorious Goodwood’s Magnolia Cup which she participated in alongside Vogue Williams and Victoria Pendleton.

Through her efforts, Luisa raised a grand total of £24,000 for Wellbeing of Women – the UK’s leading gynaecology charity which leads pioneering research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of female reproductive health.

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