Orange Is The New Black Posts First Pics Of New Prison As It Updates The Title Sequence For The First Time In Six Seasons


THE long-awaited first pictures of the next prison in Orange is the New Black have been released.

The dingy old Litchfield is gone –  and it’s been replaced with a shiny new stomping ground for the famous convicts Piper Chapman, Taystee and crew.

Netflix Litchfield is no more! Orange is the New Black has is now based in a new prison

At the end of the last season, Litchfield was left devastated by the riot and a new teaser suggests the prisoners are shipped off to a new facility.

A trailer has a voiceover saying “This is a whole new world” and finishes with the words “To the Max”.

It suggest the inmates will be moved to a maximum security prison as punishment for what happened during the Litchfield siege.

The first pictures of the shiny new set show Piper and her fellow inmates will be facing a lot of changes.

Netflix Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix on July 27 for season six

Netflix The prison has gone from maximum security to maximum glam

Netflix The series has been re-homed for the new episodes

Netflix The inmates will have to deal with a whole new setting

Netflix Taystee called the shots during the riot, which sent on for three days

Netflix Last season fans were left on a cliffhanger as the inmates’ lives hung in the balance

Netflix It ended with cruel guard Piscatella being taken down

Netflix Now fans can’t wait to see their favourite characters including Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ back in action

Netflix The plot follows Piper and her tortured romance with Alex Vause

Netflix They took their relationship to the next level when Piper proposed to Alex Poussey Washington is crushed to death by CO Bayley in Orange Is The New Black

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