Now Vladimir Putin Invites Kim Jong-un For Talks In Russia After Praising Donald Trump For Avoiding Major War


VLADIMIR Putin has today invited diplomatic darling Kim Jong-un to Russia following his successful summit with Donald Trump.

The Russian President told North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly speaker Kim Yong-nam that he was ready to roll out the red carpet for the fridge-raiding despot.

AP:Associated Press Vladimir Putin, seen meeting Kim Yong-nam, has invited Kim Jong-un to Russia

Former FSB spy chief Putin also praised US President Trump for side-stepping thermonuclear war with the rogue state following his meeting with Kim in Singapore on Tuesday.

The Kremlin strongman told Yong-nam that the portly dictator was welcome to visit Moscow as early as September.

Putin said “we welcome and highly assess” Trump’s historic summit with Kim in which the North Korean leader agreed to scrap his nuclear arsenal.

He added that the standoff between the US and the crackpot country “worried the entire world and could entail grave consequences, including a major military conflict.”

AFP or licensors The North Korean leader is being welcomed with open arms to Moscow following his summit with President Donald Trump

EPA Kremlin strongman Putin praised the Singapore summit between the US and North Korean leaders

In further praise of the Singapore summit, he said the meeting helped “push back that unfavourable scenario and raised prospects for solving all the problems with peaceful and diplomatic means.”

During their meeting today, Yong-nam handed Putin a letter from chubby-fingered dictator Kim.

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