New Nasa photo of Bennu doomsday asteroid is ‘littered with alien tech’, conspiracy theorists claim

New Nasa photo of Bennu doomsday asteroid is ‘littered with alien tech’, conspiracy theorists claim

NASA has released a new photo of a doomsday asteroid – and it’s whipped conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

They say the image proves that a mysterious alien civilisation once lived on the mysterious space rock Bennu, which orbits the Sun at around 63,000mph.

One nutty conspiracy theorist claims this image of Bennu features evidence of “alien tech” (circled in red)

Studying an image taken by Nasa’s Osiris-Rex probe, wacky UFO hunter Scott C Waring claims “alien tech” can be seen on the asteroid.

“The asteroid is littered with rocks, however some of those black or silver objects are more interesting than NASA wants you to know,” Waring wrote in a blog post.

“These structure are on Asteroid Bennu and show buildings, towers, pyramids and even some abandoned ships. All of which look a bit beaten up since they have probably been abandoned on this asteroid for millions of years.

“Nevertheless they still exist and here are the close ups to prove it.”

Scott C Waring reckons these shapes are actually alien buildings
Waring says this is a spaceship

Waring zooms in on the picture to pick out specific shapes that he claims are extraterrestrial structures.

He says they show the buildings in all their glory, posing that Nasa is trying to keep them a secret from the public.

Bennu is an asteroid the size of five football pitches that Nasa is studying in close detail.

It’s been dubbed a “doomsday” asteroid because it has an extremely slim chance of hitting Earth in the next few hundred years.

The huge Bennu asteroid is spinning faster and faster as it comes closer to Earth
AFP or licensors

However, the size of the asteroid means it probably wouldn’t spell the end for humanity.

It is big enough to wipe out a city, though, potentially killing millions if it lands in a populated area.

According to Nasa boffin Dante Lauretta: “We’re not talking about an asteroid that could destroy the Earth.

“We’re not anywhere near that kind of energy for an impact.”

Nasa probe Osiris-Rex is studying Bennu from close range

Last month, Nasa released its best photos of yet of Bennu.

But you needn’t worry if if an apocalypse is on its way, Nasa claims it would tell the world if it knew the planet was about to be destroyed, rather than keeping it secret to help its top boffins survive.

And here are five times the world was supposed to end… but didn’t.

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