NASA ISS live stream: Spacewalk ON following cancellation of first all-female mission

NASA ISS live stream: Spacewalk ON following cancellation of first all-female mission

It is the first space walk since the space agency was forced to cancel the first all-female expedition last week after the wrong suits were on board the ISS. NASA astronauts Nick Hague and Christina Koch are embarking on the 215th spacewalk to upgrade batteries and boost the power of the orbiting laboratory. The space agency said in a statement: “This is the second battery replacement spacewalk in the past week, continuing work Hague and Anne McClain performed March 22 to install adapter plates and complete electrical connections for three of six new lithium-ion batteries for the station’s port truss.

“The batteries store power generated by the station’s solar arrays to provide power to the microgravity laboratory when the station is not in sunlight as it circles Earth during orbital night.

“One of those new lithium ion batteries has not been successfully holding a charge, so as part of today’s spacewalk, Hague will begin preparations for robotic operators to replace the new battery that is not working with the two old batteries, ensuring optimal power supply at the space station.”

NASA had been set to see out the first ever all-female spacewalk today, however, the space agency was forced to rearrange at the last minute.

This was in part due to the fact the space agency doesn’t have enough space suits that fit the astronauts.

The two female astronauts were to swap out batteries on the outside of the International Space Station.

However, Ms McCalain was replaced by Mr Hague with NASA saying plans had changed, “in part” due to a shortage of outerwear.

Ms McClain said she “learned during her first spacewalk that a medium size hard upper torso, essentially the shirt of the spacesuit, fits her best.”

NASA has not made any plans for another all-female spacewalk as it stands.

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