NASA asteroid Bennu mission: Why is area company sending craft to massive area rock?

The OSIRIS-Rex mission blasted off from Florida in September 2016 and can lastly attain the asteroid referred to as Bennu at this time after a gruelling journey of over a billion miles. The spacecraft will gather samples from the area rock which might pave the way in which for an asteroid mining trade, with a few of them value trillions of {dollars} due to their minerals that are scarce on Earth similar to platinum. It is going to additionally give important info on learn how to deflect asteroids from their collision course with Earth.

Specialists say there’s a one in 2,500 likelihood this asteroid might come crashing into our planet in 160 years time, however this will depend on the Yarkovsky impact.

The Yarkovsky impact is when an asteroid or celestial physique modifications its orbit as a result of small push from warmth.

A part of the explanation NASA is sending the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft there’s to collect extra details about the area rock which is 500 metres in size.

NASA fears that the asteroid, which has the potential to wipe out a rustic on Earth, might hit our planet inside the subsequent 200 years, with the subsequent shut flyby in 2135.

The mission will give important info on learn how to deflect asteroids from their collision course with Earth.

Lastly, it’s going to assist unlock the secrets and techniques of the photo voltaic system.

Bashar Rizk, instrument scientist for OSIRIS-Rex stated: “The story of this asteroid is the story of the photo voltaic system.

“Once we perceive Bennu, we are going to perceive one thing basic about our photo voltaic system.”

OSIRIS-Rex will keep on the asteroid for 2 years after which will return to Earth in a historic first.

NASA stated in an announcement: “Analysing a pattern from Bennu will assist planetary scientists higher perceive the position asteroids might have performed in delivering life-forming compounds to Earth.

“We all know from having studied Bennu by Earth- and space-based telescopes that it’s a carbonaceous, or carbon-rich, asteroid. Carbon is the hinge upon which natural molecules grasp.

“Bennu is probably going wealthy in natural molecules, that are fabricated from chains of carbon bonded with atoms of oxygen, hydrogen, and different components in a chemical recipe that makes all recognized dwelling issues.

“In addition to carbon, Bennu additionally may need one other element vital to life: water, which is trapped within the minerals that make up the asteroid.”


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