My baby died while I was waiting for my breast cancer results – it’s terminal and I’m terrified I’ll leave my four kids without a mum

A MUM-OF-FOUR has revealed her heartbreak after losing a second baby while waiting for breast cancer tests results – then being told it was terminal just four days later.

Now Lisa Standen, 36, is terrified she won’t live to see her kids Mia, six, Isabelle, five, Alfie, four, and Lewis, 10 months, grow up.

Lisa Standen, 36, fears leaving her four kids without a mum – after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer
Lisa Standen

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital Lisa, who lost a baby called Angel in March of this year, said: “I feel broken, it’s so difficult because obviously every parent wants to see their kids grow up.

“I’m trying to put that to the back of my mind and focus on the now, enjoying it as much as I can and making memories with the kids.”

The heartbreaking journey began when Lisa, from Snodland, Kent, was diagnosed with cancer in September 2016, after losing another daughter called Summer just 19 days after she was born prematurely.

Following a complicated pregnancy, including a placenta abruption which could have killed Lisa, she gave birth to Summer at King’s College Hospital, London, at 25 weeks.

She said: “She seemed to be doing well but she passed away at just 19 days old, this broke me into a million pieces, I knew I’d never be the same again.”

The news her cancer had returned came four days after losing a baby during childbirth
Lisa Standen

Less than a month later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, explaining: “The news destroyed me and my family, but I stayed positive and knew that I would fight through it.”

Brave Lisa, who’s in a relationship with Michael Killick, 43, battled cancer with a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy, putting her into remission in September 2017.

After being told she might never have another child, because of the complications from Summer’s pregnancy, Lisa was delighted when she fell pregnant with Lewis in December that year.

Lisa with kids Mia, six, Alfie, four, Lewis, 10 months, and Isabelle, five
Focused Images

The tot was born prematurely at 30 weeks, weighing just 3lb 60z, but pulled through and was able to come home after six weeks in Pembury Hospital.

Lisa said: “The news I was pregnant was the best thing after such a horrendous journey through breast cancer and being told I may be unable to have anymore kids.

“Lewis was perfect in every single way. At long last my life was perfect.”

I feel broken, it’s so difficult because obviously every parent wants to see their kids grow up

Lisa Standen, 36

But Lisa’s joy was short-lived and she started experiencing chest pain in August 2018.

Doctors initially thought her swelling was caused by the implant from her reconstructive surgery.

But Lisa was sent for further tests when she developed a new lump on her breast in March of this year.

The mum, who was 17 weeks pregnant at the time, had an agonising seven-day wait for her tests results – which was made worse when her waters broke early.

She said: “On March 10 I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, who we called Angel because she didn’t make it, my two daughters are now at peace together.

Lisa is in a relationship with Michael Killick, 43
Lisa Standen

“On Thursday March 14 I was given the results and they said the cancer had come back. I was distraught and ran out of the room.

“The oncologist said ‘it’s spread, it’s in your bones, your chest, your liver and we fear it’s also in your lungs’.

“They said it’s not curable but they’re going to keep it at bay for as long as possible.

“I haven’t been given a time frame, but if I declined treatment I don’t think it would be long before the cancer took over.

“It’s a highly aggressive cancer, triple negative grade three.

“I wasn’t that shocked, I think in my mind I already knew.

“I always had that fear it would return. Once you go through any type of cancer, I think you always have it in the back of your mind.”

Lisa is now fundraising for a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris with her kids
Lisa Standen

Earlier this week, Lisa started immunotherapy treatment, which hides the cancer cells from your immune system, so the chemo can treat the tumours.

She is now fundraising for a trip to Disneyland Paris with her kids, most of whom have never been abroad.

Lisa said: “It’s just about making memories as a family, so they have something to hold onto later on.

I always had that fear it would return. Once you go through any type of cancer, I think you always have it in the back of your mind

Lisa Standen, 36

“I went to Disneyland a few years ago with an ex-partner, Mia’s dad, and I always said I’d go there with my children.

“Mia’s always wanted to go over there and I promised her I would take her one day, when she was a little bit older.

“Mia’s been to Lanzarote when she was nine months old, although she wouldn’t remember it, and the others have never been abroad.”

Only her eldest, Mia, has been abroad
Lisa Standen

She added: “Mia is really suffering at the moment, she’s quite worried and upset.

“Alfie’s in nursery three days-a-week and the staff have noticed a change in him, he’s sensed that something is wrong with me.

“I took him to nursery this morning and he was just hiding behind me, he wouldn’t let go.

“They’d absolutely love it at Disneyland, they deserve a treat.”

Earlier this week, we spoke to a mum who fears her girl won’t live to see her third birthday unless they raise £500k for an urgent transplant not available on the NHS.

Lisa is raising £4,500 for the trip of a lifetime with her kids. You can donate on GoFundMe here.



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