Mum with £550k budget called ‘spoiled’ as she rejects four-bed houses on Location, Location, Location for being ‘too small’

Mum with £550k budget called ‘spoiled’ as she rejects four-bed houses on Location, Location, Location for being ‘too small’

A MUM has been branded “spoilt” after dismissing houses on Location, Location, Location for being “too small” or having a “north facing garden.”

Armed with a budget of £550,000 vet Kate and her husband Dan appeared on the Channel 4 programme in search of a home in the town of Solihull in the West Midlands.

Kate and Dan were in search of their dream home in Solihull
Channel 4

Having spent 18 months looking the couple enlisted the help of property experts Kirstie Allsop and Phil Spencer to help them find their dream home.

But viewers were quick to criticise the mum when she continuously turned down the presenters’ findings, dubbing the vet ‘spoilt.’

Taking to Twitter one wrote: “Don’t mean to be mean but the vet lady wants an expensive looking house, she should appreciate what she can get.

“Family with three kids appreciate anything, and want to put their kids first… vet puts herself first…”

Agreeding a second added: “Gosh, old Kate is *quite* annoying, isn’t she?”

However, viewers dubbed Kate “spoilt” when she complained about properties being “too small”
Channel 4

A third wrote: “Wife on #Locationlocationlocation looks terrifying. Poor bloke is scared to talk!”

“I sense this kate is a teeny bit spoilt” tweeted another.

They began their search at a 1950s property which was located on the exact same street as a “dream house” they had failed to secure the previous year.

But the property was far from a dream come true for Kate as despite being under budget by £50,000 under budget, she was unconvinced by the house due to the North-facing garden.

The North-facing garden proved to be an issue in property one
Channel 4
The garage at property three was not to Kate’s liking
Channel 4

The second property the couple were shown was in the village of Hillfield, priced at £520,000.

The four-bed property was equipped with an en-suite master bedroom, and a separate garage providing extra storage for the couple.

But once again Kate was underwhelmed, telling Phil “It’s not massive.”

Number two was too small for the pair
Channel 4
She said that the interior was “not massive”
Channel 4

However, Dan appeared to be more realistic about their property search, explaining to his wife: “We’ve seen two houses now and I think this is the size we’re going to get.”

The third property also received a thumbs down after Kate disapproved of the garage, admitting there was something about the garage that “bothered her.”

Phil struck lucky with the fourth with Kate admitting she “really liked it” despite it being £595,000.

Despite the high cost the couple pit in an offer of £590,000 that was accepted.

Location, Location, Location airs at 8pm, on Wednesdays on Channel 4, you can catch up now on All 4.

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