Mum uses ‘get paid’ pinboard to get her lazy kids to help out around the house

AS all parents will know, trying to convince your children to help out around the house is no small task.

Well if you’ve ever been guilty of banning television or locking away your children’s devices until they do their chores, you might want to give this new parenting hack a try.


The chores vary from putting clean clothes away to cleaning the rabbit cage[/caption]

An Australian mum has revealed how she encourages her children to clean up after themselves by using a “Get Paid” pinboard.

The savvy parent puts varying amounts of small change (depending on the size of the chore) in labelled sandwich bags before attaching them to the notice board.

Then, when her two children – aged nine and five –  fancy earning themselves some money, they are asked to complete the small task on the bag before pocketing the change.

The mum wrote on the Kmart & Beyond Facebook group: “Trying something new tomorrow, my kids can choose to earn money if they wish and the value of working for your money.”

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The mum says her two children can make the choice whether they want to earn some pocket money by helping out around the home[/caption]

But while the mum is willing to pay her children to put away their clothes or do some vacuuming, she revealed that they’re still expected to clean their rooms and make their beds for free.

What’s more, the pocket money for each chore ranges between 27p [50c] and £1.09 [$2] while the tasks include everything from cleaning their rabbit’s cafe to cleaning the toilets.

Since sharing a photo of her genius idea on Facebook two days ago, the mum’s post has been “liked” by over 1,5000 users.

One user replied: “Fantastic idea! Great way to motivate your kids and to teach them how society works.

“We do a job and do it well and get rewarded for it. I love it! Really creative.”


Other users praised the mum for her ‘really creative’ approach[/caption]

Another added: “Great idea. Simple and visual.”

Based on their own experience, a third wrote: “I’m a teacher and I actually do something similar with my class as part of their homework.

“I had a lot of kids and parents complaining about the monotony of homework so I changed it up. Each task is worth points (spelling activities, times tables, reading and house work).

“Every Friday, I calculate their points and that gets converted into our class currency which they can buy rewards with. Works a treat!”

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