Mum-of-two left in agonising pain in hospital corridor for 31 HOURS waiting for urgent operation that should take 10 minutes

A MUM-of-two was abandoned in a hospital corridor for 31 HOURS as she waited to have an urgent operation.

Helen Burton, 33, was left in “agony” from an abscess on her leg after being transferred to Worcestershire Royal Hospital at 5pm last Monday.

Helen Burton, 33, was forced to wait 31 hours for an ‘urgent’ operation
SWNS:South West News Service
The cash-strapped hospital had to leave her in a corridor
SWNS:South West News Service

But she was made to wait on a trolley on an overflow corridor until 4pm the next day because of the lack of beds.

She was left in excruciating pain when the abscess ruptured a few hours into the wait.

Helen, from Alvechurch, Worcs, said: “I’d had problems with the abscess on my right leg for about five weeks.

“I was given antibiotics but I was told I may need surgery and the pain slowly got worse and worse.

It got to a point I just couldn’t take the pain anymore

Helen Burton

“It got to a point I just couldn’t take the pain anymore and got a taxi to A&E at the Alexandra Hospital.

“The surgical registrar agreed that I needed to be operated on that day but told me they couldn’t do it there so I was transferred to Worcestershire Royal.

“They told me I had to wait until a bed became available and was not operated on until the following day.

“I spent that whole time on a trolley and the abscess ruptured overnight so I was in a lot of pain.
“At one point we were in an overflow for the overflow area, whilst others were being treated in ambulances.

“After my surgery I ended up on a make-shift ward, they opened up the recovery room and they set it up as a ward.


“Austerity has taken it’s toll and funding seems to be found for other things than our public services. There is a lot of bed blocking happening at the hospitals.

“I can’t blame the front-line staff, I don’t know how much they can do if they haven’t got the funds or powers to change things, so ultimately I guess the Government do have to be held to account.

“My treatment should have been a simple procedure but unfortunately the NHS was unable to provide that.

“The staff that cared for me have been outstanding, dedicated and nothing short of superheroes.”

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, chief executive Matthew Hopkins said: “In common with many Trusts locally and nationally, we continue to face very high levels of demand for all our services and in particular urgent care services.

“Despite our best efforts, this does mean that patients are having to wait longer to be seen and admitted than we would wish.”

The mum-of-two was left in agonising pain
SWNS:South West News Service

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