Mum Of Fortnite Addicted Schoolboy Accused Of Being Lazy Parent After Revealing How Son Was Off School For A Year


A MUM of a teenage boy addicted to the online game Fortnite has revealed she has even tried locking computer hardware in a safe in her bedroom to stop him playing.

Kendal Parmar said she had gone to extreme lengths to stop her 15-year-old son from playing games online but said he would find a way “no matter what”.

Rex Features Kendal Parmar said she had tried everything to get her son to stop playing the online games

The mum has been left at her wit’s end, with her son now undergoing counselling and becoming the first child diagnosed by the NHS with a gaming addiction.

Speaking on This Morning, the mum said: “I couldn’t have tried. I defy anything that I haven’t tried.

“I’ve actually got a safe in my bedroom and I have two holes in the back where I put the router in.”

The router is a hardware device that allows computers to wirelessly connect to the Internet – with the mum saying her son had managed to figure out how to connect to a nearby school’s network to play Fortnite.

Rex Features The mum said her son would find a way no matter what to play the game, with head teacher Christine Cunniffe saying she had seen primary school children addicted to Fortnite

Getty – Contributor Fortnite has been downloaded 40million times since its launch in 2017

Rex Features Mum of five Kendal said her son had been one of the most social out of all her kids

She said she had also given her son’s computer to a friend for safekeeping to stop him from using it – but to no avail.

She said: “Like any addiction, he’s ingenious at finding ways to get online.”

Kendal revealed her son has been off school for a year as they battled the addiction, even this morning still demanding to play online games.

The mum of five said: “It’s taken years of going from something that was fun, enjoyable, a hobby and healthy, to this.

“He’s lost so much. It’s the only thing that defines him.”

Holly Willoughby says on This Morning she feels like a bad parent for not letting her nine-year-old son Harry play Fortnite Game plan: What is Fortnite and why is it so popular?

FORTNITE: Battle Royale is a version of Fortnite, a video game released by Epic Games in July 2017.

The online game is set in an post-apocalyptic world, based around a battle for survival.

Fortnite offers two distinct modes: player versus environment, ‘Save the World’ and the more recent player versus player game Battle Royale.

The game starts with 100 players leaping out of a plane on to a small island, fighting each other until no one is left.

Fortnite has proved a massive hit with millions of kids.

The game is free and kids can team up with a friend, a group of friends or compete as a duo or squad.

Matches can last up to 20 minutes.

Though it’s a multiplayer shooter, no graphic violence is depicted.

Mum-of-five Kendal said her middle child had been one of the most social out of all her kids.

But now her son has spent so much time without sunlight he has developed a vitamin D deficiency and had to be given pills.

Kendal has been campaigning for more to be done to tackle the issue, saying that she had been faced with many people who didn’t take the addiction seriously.

Head teacher Christine Cunniffe joined the desperate mum on the morning show today, saying the solution wasn’t just throwing away computers.

The news comes just months after the World Health Organisation classified internet gaming as an official mental health disorder.

Parents have even been warned to keep their kids away from the violent game, with students turning up for school bleary-eyed after all-night gaming sessions.

Since it launched last July, the shoot-em-up has gripped millions of children across the country and been downloaded more than 40million times.

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