Moment Brave Woman Steps In To Stop Huge Street Brawl After Man Pulls ‘metal Bar’ Out Of Car In Wild West Britain


THIS is the moment a brave woman stepped in to stop a brutal street fight moments after a thug pulled a huge metal bar from his car.

The horrified witness was filmed jogging over to the group in Alum Rock, Birmingham at around 8pm on Tuesday.

BPM MEDIA This is the astonishing moment a woman rushed into a street fight in a bid to stop it

Footage filmed by an onlooker shows a group of young men lobbing punches and kicking each other.

One man dressed in all black breaks away from the group to open the boot of his silver VW Golf, searching until he finds what appears to be a socket wrench.

He darts back into the crowd to strike one male, leaving by-standers including a young child shocked senseless.

With her outstretched arms, and palms pleading for peace, the woman runs into the fight pleading for the violence to stop.

BPM MEDIA The woman jogged straight into the brutal brawl as one thug sought to get a weapon

BPM MEDIA In the middle of the fight, this man rushed over to his silver VW Golf, to pick up what appeared to be a socket wrench

BPM MEDIA After the woman thought calm had slowly been restored, this lad launches one last fly kick

BPM MEDIA Some can be seen following the woman’s pursuit for peace, as they separate fuming lads from each other

At least four lads can be seen holding other furious men back from each other in a bid to follow the woman’s footsteps.

But in an instant, one male launches a final fly kick at another who was facing the other direction.

As the woman continues to calm the men using gestures with her hands, the video ends with some facing each other from afar, while others drive off.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: “We received a call at just after 8.20pm to reports of a disorder.

“Officers attended and there was no trace of anyone.”

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