Minibars Banned In Costa Blanca Hotels Because Brits Continually Booze In Their Room Then Refill Bottles With Wee


HOTELS in Costa Blanca have banned minibars because British tourists keep refilling the bottles with wee and other liquids.

A hotel association for Costa Blanca and Benidorm reported “mostly British” tourists drink the bottles from the minibar and then refill them to avoid paying the over-inflated prices.

Central European News Costa Blanca is a popular holiday destination for British tourists

A Hosbec spokesperson told local media: “It may seem ridiculous, but I can assure you it is true.

“We have had people filling bottles with pee, and thank God that staff have always detected it.”

As a result 90 per cent of minibars along the eastern Spanish coast have stopped installing them.

One in three tourists surveyed by Hosbec admitted to drinking the bottles from the minibar and then refilling it with water or other unspecified liquids.

Alamy Hotels on the eastern Spanish coast are banning minibars from the rooms

Hosbec also reports that minibars have not been considered cost-effective as a contributing factor to getting rid of the service.

Other commons offences committed by hotel guests staying in Costa Blanca are allowing undeclared guests to stay in hotel rooms, and stealing towels and food.

These offences were most commonly committed by British tourists, according to Hosbec.

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