Michael Jordan Carries Half Empty Bottle Of Tequila And A Pillow As He Checks Out Of New York Hotel


MICHAEL JORDAN left a hotel in New York armed with several bottles of Tequila on Wednesday.

The basketball legend, now a billionaire businessman, ignored a crowd of fans who were asking for his autograph.

Splash News Michael Jordan ignored the crowd after he checked out of his hotel

While clutching a half empty bottle with one hand, he was also carrying a cardboard box that had ‘TEQUILA’ printed on the front.

The beverage, which is originally from Mexico, usually contains an alcohol content of around 38 per cent.

Fans tried to interview and him and get his autograph, but he walked straight past.

Jordan, wearing a grey Jordans hoody and grey trousers, was also carrying a large bag.

Splash News The Basketball legend was accompanied by a security guard to stop the crowds

The basketball brand, called Air Jordan, was initially created and produced exclusively for Jordan in 1984.

And the company tweeted a historic throwback to one of the most iconic moment’s of his career.

THE GOAT Take a look at MJ’s amazing career and booming business empire 

It read: “On this day 20 years ago, the Boss won his 6th and final championship with a clutch jumper.”

Ever since entering the NBA and signing a massive deal with Nike, the Air Jordans have been the most sought-after trainers.

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