Michael Gove Drinks From Single-use Cup – Despite Crusade To Ban Plastic Waste


MICHAEL Gove turned up at a Commons committee hearing with a single-use coffee cup – despite his crusade to ban plastic waste.

So far this year the Environment Secretary has handed out reusable coffee mugs to all his Cabinet colleagues, unveiled plans to ban plastic straws and said he was considering an “exciting idea” to impose a 25p “latte levy” on takeaway coffee cups.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove is crusading against toxic plastic waste but turned up to a committee hearing with a single-use coffee cup

He has branded single-use plastics as a “scourge” – and has launched a mission to eliminate the use of all avoidable plastic within 25 years.

But that didn’t stop him drinking coffee from a disposable cup as he was grilled by MPs on the Environment committee yesterday.

He was shown up by fellow Tory MP Dr Caroline Johnson, who brandished her reusable cup and pointed out he had appeared to ditch his own.

Mr Gove blamed it on Parliament’s cafes, telling her: “I’m afraid it’s the House of Commons canteen that provided this.”

Getty Images – Getty Mr Gove with a reusable coffee cup on his way to a meeting earlier this year

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