Meghan Markle tried to land a modelling job on a US chat show but got rejected

MEGHAN Markle once tried to be a model on a US chat show but reportedly didn’t get the job.

TV host Wendy Williams, from The Wendy Williams Show, revealed that the former actress, 37, applied to work on the show before she met Prince Harry.

The Wendy Williams Show

Meghan Markle once tried to get a modelling job on The Wendy Williams Show, but according to the host she was rejected[/caption]

Wendy, 54, made the revelation on Wednesday’s show, after Meghan’s controversial demands for no photos to be taken at Wimbledon.

She said: “She came here to be on one of our models. We do the fashion — things like that.

“This was before she met the man — the redhead — Harry, but Meghan knows Wendy’s show, Meghan wanted to work here.”

Although it’s unclear when exactly Meghan applied for the role at the chat show, which launched 11 years ago, it is likely to be before she landed her role in Suits in 2011.

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Wendy said Meghan contacted the show about appearing on it before she met Prince Harry[/caption]

It wasn’t the first time Wendy has mentioned the actress on the show.

In February she spoke about the duchess to 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord, and they discussed Meghan’s small but racy role in the popular drama series.

Meghan’s character Wendy was involved in a steamy scene, where she was caught giving oral sex to Ethan, played by Dustin Milligan, in a car parked outside the school.

TV host Wendy said Meghan was a “random princess” and added: “She’s got quite the past”.

Meghan landed a role as one of the briefcase girls on gameshow Deal or No Deal when she was 25
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And on another occasion Wendy spoke of how Meghan worked as a Deal or No Deal suitcase girl, who are scantily clad models who carry and open the show’s briefcases.

She said at the time: “I respect Meghan Markle’s hustle and I respect her game.

“However, she’s a bit of a wild card, you know, because she goes from being the Deal or No Deal girl— so this is a girl looking for game.

“She came here to Wendy to find out what she could do here. She’s been here, she’s been in our building, we have her DNA.”


These are the main TV and movie roles that Meghan has had during her career:

  • Suits (2011 to 2018) – Meghan made her mark on the world of TV when she landed the role of Rachel Zane in hit show Suits.
  • 90210 (2008) Meghan played the role of Wendy for two episodes in this teen drama.
  • Deal or No Deal – Early in Meghan’s career, she appeared on the US version of the gameshow Deal or No Deal
  • Dater’s Handbook (2016) – This Hallmark Channel original sees the actress as Cass, a businesswoman who has it all – except a personal life.
  •  Anti-Social (2015) – Based on three real-life London jewellery heists, this British crime thriller features Meghan in the role of Kristen, a model with romantic ties to graffiti artist, Dee.
  • When Sparks Fly (2014) – In 2014, Meghan starred in this Hallmark TV movie where she played Amy Peterson, a journalist who is assigned a story about her hometown.
  • Horrible Bosses (2011) – Meghan made a brief cameo in Horrible Bosses as a Fed-Ex employee.
  • The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down (2011) – Meghan played a bed-hopping, drug-snorting party-girl in this TV movie.
  • Remember Me (2010) – Meghan had a small part in this Robert Pattinson movie, where she played a bartender named Megan.
  • A Lot Like Love (2005) – Meghan was simply known as “Hot Girl” in this movie.

Deal or No Deal first aired in the US in 2005, but Meghan joined the following year for season two after successfully passing an audition.

She had to endure freezing studios, stand for hours in painful high heels, and wear dresses “hacked” to flaunt her legs and cleavage-complete with a pair of Spanx and chicken fillets.

Meghan, along with 25 other girls, held numbered briefcases which the contestants would select one by one.

Meghan was briefcase girl number 24 on Deal or No Deal
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Filming up to four episodes a day, sometimes the girls took home more than $23,000 (£17,526) a week, and the intense schedules followed by weeks off allowed her time for auditions.

Speaking of the job in Esquire in 2013, Meghan said: “I would put that in the category of things I was doing while I was auditioning to try to make ends meet.

“Definitely working on Deal or No Deal was a learning experience, and it helped me to understand what I would rather be doing.”

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Meghan has been criticised for banning photos being taken of her at Wimbledon[/caption]

When it came to discussing the topic of Meghan banning photos being taken at Wimbledon, host Wendy certainly wasn’t on the royal’s side.

She said: “If you are a public person with a public persona, then every time you step out of the house you got to be expected that somebody is going to approach you to want a picture, or they’re going to be doing weird stuff like taking pictures behind your back.

“I’m not team you.

“I am team the people, and you gotta give the people what they want.

“You were an actress so you were familiar with Hollywood,’ she added, ‘and now you’re on a bigger stage being a part of the royal family, and you might not want your picture taken, but people are weird these days, always wanting pictures and junk.”

This week, Meghan got cruelly mum-shamed by critics claiming she looks like she’s about to DROP Archie and ‘doesn’t know how to carry him’.

She was also was met with a barrage of criticism after her Wimbledon visit, including from GMB host Piers Morgan, as reports surfaced she had been a “nightmare” to accommodate.

And new parents Meghan and Prince Harry chose to withhold the names of the godparents of the seventh-in-line to the throne and only released pictures to the media afterwards.



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