Meghan Markle May Have Closed Her Social Media Accounts But These Pictures Prove Even She Can’t Delete Her Online History


SHE may have deleted her wildly popular Instagram account since becoming a royal, but these pics prove even Meghan can’t fully delete her internet presence.

The Duchess of Sussex closed all of her social media accounts ahead of marrying Prince Harry last month – but her old social snaps and modelling pics are still all over the web.

Men’s Health US Meghan was described as  the ‘ultimate guy’s girl’ during this Men’s Health photo shoot

With a new report revealing sites such as as Snapchat and Whatsapp are “still not doing enough” to protect children, the snaps prove how difficult it can be to wipe personal content from the web.

And they highlight the dangers many kids do not realise about the legacy they could be leaving behind online and how it could affect them in later life.

Meghan had racked up millions of Instagram followers and 350,000 Twitter followers posting pictures of her celeb friends, dogs and inspirational quotes.

But some snaps are still available to view online – showing that even marrying a prince isn’t enough to stop an online presence.

Meghan is a keen foodie, and often shared pictures of her enjoying meals


Saucy photoshoots such as this were taken in 2013 – long before she met Prince Harry

Xposure Fresh-faced Meghan pouts at the camera in one shot from 2003 still online

It could be bad news for the rest of use as experts said earlier this year that almost half of recruiters check digital profiles when checking if someone is employable.

Dozens of Twitter and Pinterest users have featured pictures of fresh-faced Meghan when she first started out as an actress.

The candid shots – used on a number of sites – show Meghan seductively posing for the camera as a 22-year-old in 2003.

Xposure This picture of the former actress features on a number of sites

Xposure Meghan took down her social media before she married Harry

Xposure Meghan peeks out from beyond her fringe in another shot from 2003

In one picture, Meghan exposes her stomach as she pretends to talk on a graffiti-covered phone.

Another shows off her toned midriff in a white vest top and jeans as she throws her head back for the camera.

One picture featured on Pinterest shows the royal lying on a sofa brooding at the photographer in dark make up with her hair pulled back.

There are also dozens of YouTube videos showing behind the scenes cover shoots for Splash and The Luxer.

AP:Associated Press Despite being a royal, Meghan still cannot shift her online presence

A crisp advert Meghan starred in before she was famous is still available online

YouTube Behind the scenes cover shoots from Meghan’s days as an actress are also on YouTube still

On Instagram Meghan would often share pictures of her relaxing at home

Alongside sharing snaps of her being out and about, she would also share inspirational quotes. One read: ‘Your heart is the softest place on Earth, Take care of it.’

One video on the site shows Meghan starring in a crisp advert before she shot to fame on Suits.

Another ad for US Men’s Health magazine shows the 36-year-old pulling racy poses while flipping burgers.

Meghan was also a prolific Instagram user, posting hundreds of photos on her now-deleted page.

But despite her page being deleted, the images it contained are still littered throughout social media and on fan pages that managed to archive her snaps before they were taken down.

Meghan, right, used to often post pictures on Instagram of her enjoying days out with pals

The royal loved sharing snaps of dogs on her social media feed

It comes as it was revealed young people are being turned into social media junkies – with kids between ten and 12 having their own accounts despite the age limit of 13.

Shocking figures released in January showed children are at risk of “significant emotional harm” from social media when they reach secondary school.

The report, by Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, revealed sites such as Snapchat and Whatsapp are “still not doing enough” to protect children.

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