Man Posts Facebook Warning After Drinking Iced Water In The Heatwave Left Him Looking Like This


IN this weather, it can be tempting to do anything to cool off.

And for most of us, an ice cold drink is the first port of call.

Facebook / Adam Schaub Adam Schaub was left with a nasty bruise on his face, after drinking iced water to cool down at work

But, be warned…glugging back a fresh glass of iced water could leave you looking like you’ve been in a fight.

That’s what happened to Adam Schaub, from Houston, Texas earlier this month when he passed out after drinking two bottles of WATER, to cool off.

Posting a warning on Facebook, Adam said: “Cold water is good, so how could it be bad?

“Well yesterday, I found out.”

He posted to Facebook warning others of the dangers of drinking freezing cold water in the heat – after he passed out and banged his face

He was out working in 37C heat when his dad noticed his face was getting red, and suggested Adam take a break.

“I immediately grabbed a cold bottle of water and drank it,” he said.

Moments later, Adam got into the air conditioned truck and had another bottle of cold water – and almost immediately, he started to feel “strange”.

“I started seeing spots, my stomach got extremely nauseous and my hands and feet started tingling,” Adam said.

INS News With the current heatwave in full swing, Dr Sarah Jarvis warned drinking really cold drinks can send the body into shock

“I felt like I was going to throw up so I opened the truck door and the next thing I know, I’m face first in the ground and my dad’s rolling me over and wiping my face off.

“He said my eyes had rolled back a bit, and I didn’t come to for a few minutes.”

Paramedics arrived and told Adam if you’re too hot and chug a bottle of freezing cold water, it can send your body into shock.

I started seeing spots, my stomach got extremely nauseous and my hands and feet started tingling

Adam Schaub

Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and clinical director of, told The Sun, Adam appears to have experienced an extreme case of “ice cream head”.

“If you drink something very cold, very quickly, the cold on the roof of your mouth stimulates the nerves around there,” she said.

“That in turn leads to rapid contraction, then expanding of the tiny blood vessels in your sinuses.

Alamy Live News Dr Jarvis said Adam experienced an extreme case of ‘ice cream head’ – or brain freeze – that caused him to pass out

“The brain interrupts the messages from these nerves as coming from your forehead, because the same nerve supplies your forehead.

“You usually get a sudden pain, but it can make you feel lightheaded.

“All the symptoms he’s describing sounds like the run-up to a fainting episode, which is often due to a lack of blood in the brain.

“Regardless of the cause, I do see people who feel unwell due to drinking cold fluids too quickly, so I certainly don’t recommend it.”

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