‘Lucky’ Kate Middleton ‘has love and support of Royal Family – unlike Princess Diana’, claims former butler

KATE Middleton “has the love and support of the Royal Family – unlike Princess Diana”, according to the Princess of Wales’ former butler.

Paul Burrell has called the Duchess of Cambridge a “lucky woman” in comparison to her late mother-in-law.

Former royal aide Paul Burrell has called Kate Middleton a ‘lucky woman’
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According to the Express, Paul made the claim in Amazon Prime documentary The Diana Story.

He said: “Kate’s a very lucky woman because she has something which Diana never had,” adding that she has “the love and support of the Royal Family”.

He continued: “With that strength behind her, she can go the distance. She can go all the way. She doesn’t need anything else.”

Speaking of Kate and Prince William’s daughter Princess Charlotte, Paul claimed: “Diana always wanted a girl.”

According to the ex-butler, Kate ‘has something Diana never had’
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Diana once described Paul as her ‘rock’
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As well as being Diana’s butler, Paul, 60, served as a footman for the Queen.

He began his royal career when he was 18, inspired to work for the monarchy after a childhood visit to Buckingham Palace from his coal-mining hometown of Grassmore, Derbyshire.

He became a close confidante of Diana, who once described him as “her rock”.

Paul has also told Meghan to ‘become close friends’ with the Queen
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Earlier this month, Paul urged Meghan Markle to become close friends with Her Majesty.

On Channel 5 documentary Kate v Meghan: Princesses at War?, he told Meghan to “stay close to Harry and get to know his granny. She’s the one that matters most.”

He added: “Buckingham Palace… it’s like Downton [Abbey] on speed. They like things to stay the same.”

In more royal news, Meghan Markle says she’s “endlessly happier” when she “stays out of the drama”.

Pregnant Meghan’s belly button has “popped”, meaning she could be in her third trimester.

And Kate WON’T be Godmother to Meghan and Harry’s baby – but here’s who’s likely to make the cut.



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