Love Island’s Eyal Booker’s Brother Says He’s Received ‘death Threats’ After Model Snogged Megan In The Villa


SICK trolls have sent death threats to Eyal Booker’s family after his awkward kiss on Love Island last night.

The islander‘s brother Ariel, 24, has revealed he was bombarded with “disgusting death threats’ after crackin’ on with Megan Barton-Hanson in front of Dr Alex George.

Love Island fans turned on Eyal Booker after he snogged Megan Hanson Barton – right in front of Dr Alex

Speaking to Heart, Ariel said: “People have said very nasty things, it’s crazy that people can make such disgusting comments.

“I understand it all comes with reality TV but I think sending someone death threats for kissing a girl in front of someone else is ridiculous.

“It was a huge shock for me because it’s entertainment, so to threaten our family over it is very absurd.”

Fans turned on Eyal last night after snogging love interest Megan, who Dr Alex wants to couple up with.

Viewers said they felt sickened when Eyal walked over to where Alex was standing and started to passionately kiss Megan.

Others branded him a “snake” for breaking the “bro code” by apparently pushing himself onto her in a desperate attempt to stay in the game.

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One fan ranted: “I actually hate Eyal that was such a d**k move to kiss Megan in front of Alex like that? What the f**k is wrong with him hope he gets dumped soon.”

Another said: “Mad how Eyal is just as sneaky and creepy as Adam but tries to hide it under his veneer of ‘spirituality’, pure gap yah vibes.”

Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson and Eyal Booker snog ahead of the recoupling

Their sloppy snog happened in front of everyone

ITV Eyal has been branded a snake by fans watching at home0

While a third added: “EVEN EYAL IS MAKING ME HATE HIM how can someone be so sly and make someone else jealous? F**K OFF YOU G**P!”

Defending his brother, Ariel told viewers to remember it’s a reality TV show – and Megan is “fair game”.

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But fans of the show are backing Dr Alex to be picked by Megan in the recoupling tonight after being friend-zoned since the series began last Monday.

Ariel added: “The boys have been friends in the villa but at the end of the day Eyal is single and Alex is also single – so when a new girl comes into the villa that they both like it is fair game.

“He would never do anything that wasn’t reciprocated – he’s not a pest.”


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