Love Island Party Slammed By Furious Parents Where Kids As Young As Four Wear Swimsuits And Drink Mocktails


FURIOUS parents have slammed a “vile” Love Island party where kids as young as four parade in swimwear and drink mocktails.

Fever Pitch School of Performing Arts in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, attracted youngsters insisting they will get their drinks “on arrival”.

ITV Parents slammed Fever Pitch Performing Arts for launching a Love Island themed party

One dad told the Daily Record: “This surely is perverse and wrong. The lady in charge should be ashamed and shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of our young ones.

“They are sexualising our kids and making them aware of the filth that we as parents try to keep away from them.

Lisa McKhnie, 21, from Bellshill, formed the performing arts group which gives children from ages 3-18 the chance to perform on stage.

The online advert for the Love Island party which reportedly said:  “Get Involved! Mocktails on arrival. Then it’s PAMPER TIME!

Facebook Lisa McKechnie from Bellshill, 21, formed the independent theatre school Love Island Day 27 Recap – Tensions after recoupling slowly fade away as the Islanders make up and enjoy a challenge day

ITV The party’s advert assured youngsters they would get drinks on arrival, but they would also have to complete challenging tasks

Facebook Lisa admitted she ‘should have called the party something different’

ITV The TV show does not have an age rating, but viewers watching on catch-up are warned it contains ‘strong language and adult content’

“Summer nails and glitter lips. We will be testing your knowledge of the islanders and a few of you might even receive a TEXT! Be prepared for some challenges.”

A horrified mum added: “This Love Island party is vile. I don’t want my children anywhere near Love Island or anything to do with it.”

But Lisa insisted there was “nothing of an adult nature at all” in the event.

Admitting she should have “called it something different”, Lisa said: “This is simply a beach party theme. We’ve based it on what is big just now, Love Island.

“There is nothing of an adult nature at all. Maybe I should have called it something different.”

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