Love Island Fans Spot The Proof That Georgia And Jack’s Kiss Was Filmed Twice As Megan And Wes’s Champagne Bottle Disappears


LOVE Island fans have spotted something that proves Jack Fowler and Georgia Steel’s kiss was filmed twice.

Eagle eyed viewers spied a bottle of champagne mysteriously disappear in the middle of the scene – showing it was recreated for the cameras.

Love Island fans spotted the proof that Jack and Georgia’s kiss was filmed twice – and it’s because of this bottle of champagne

Fans first claimed the scene was filmed twice after realising that when the angles changed, the action in the background didn’t match up.

But now a bottle of champagne – which is there in the first clip but not in the second – now proves it was filmed again.

If you watch the clip, when the second angle appears on screen – the bottle of bubbly has gone.

Also, when Megan and Wes are kissing in the first clip, Jack and Georgia are only just getting up.

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In the second angle, not only are Wes and Megan in different positions – the bottle of bubbly has gone

But in the second, Jack and Georgia are starting to hug when Megan and Wes are standing together talking.

The awkward kiss between Georgia and Jack has caused endless drama in the villa.

Last night, Idris used the snog to his advantage and left Laura Anderson gutted when he lied and told her Jack had made a move on Georgia.

Unbeknown to the Scottish stunner, this wasn’t the case and today Laura’s sister pleaded with bosses to show Laura the video.

Love Island’s Idris Virgo claims Georgia Steel kissed Jack Fowler during date with Laura Anderson

Eagle eyed viewers spotted the gaffe and proudly shared it online as proof that the kiss had been re-created

However an insider told The Sun Online they had no plans to show Laura what had really happened.

An insider said: “Love Island bosses currently have no plans to show the footage to the islanders.

“They haven’t stopped newcomers from saying how they saw it though which is already causing plenty of drama.”

Laura’s sister Danielle told The Sun she was “raging” about the decision and insisted they show it.

Last night Laura was left gutted after newbie Idris Virgo told her Jack had gone in for the kiss on Georgia – which isn’t necessarily true

Her sister Danielle, here with Laura, told The Sun she wanted Love Island bosses to show her the video – but they’re not budging

She said: “I just want producers to show the VAR and get it over with.

“We have all been screaming at the TV saying ‘oh Laura, Jack is telling the truth.’”

Danielle also admitted she was worried about how Laura was coping in the villa.

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