Love Island Fans Cringe As ‘slimy’ Idris Tries To Crack On With New Girl Alexandra After Her Date With Dr Alex


LOVE Island fans were left cringing at newbie Idris’s efforts to crack on with new girl Alexandra under Dr Alex’s nose.

The unlucky-in-love doctor’s fortunes seemed to be finally looking up tonight after he enjoyed a successful brunch date with the make-up artist.

ITV Idris made his move on new girl Alexandra

But after admitting to Kaz that he fancied the curvy make-up artist, Idris made his move on her on the daybeds – leaving fans unimpressed.

One wrote: “Idris has been in the villa for two days and I already want to vote him out.

“His chat is literally there to massage his ego. He’s a complete bore.”

Another tweeted: “Idris is so slimy.”

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ITV Alexandra admitted she wanted to get to know the other boys after her date with Alex

A fourth fan chimed in: “Not liking New boy #Idris kinda sleazy and way too annoyingly confident, he has troublemaker writen all over him.”

Viewers were left cringing at Idris’s cocky attitude as he laid it on thick.

He told Alexandra she was his type: “Beautiful smile, which you’ve got. Nice eyes, which you’ve got. You come across elegant and calm.”

Some fans were also annoyed that Idris tried to crack on with Alexandra under the nose of a nervous Alex who confessed he was terrified of being “pied again.”

ITV Dr Alex was terrified of being ‘pied’ as Alexandra and Idris chatted

One fan wrote: “Idris is the type to tell Alexandra that Alex isn’t even a real doctor.”

Another added: “Petition to surgically remove Idris from the villa.”

Alex and his fellow islanders had got very excited following a successful date with Alexandra – and she had seemed keen as well.

She told the Beach Hut:  “Alex is such a gentleman, he is so respectful, he is somebody that I can talk to, he is supportive and understanding and that’s what I’m looking for.”

But fans worried Alexandra would have her head turned by Idris after she admitted she was interested in getting to know “other boys” as well.

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