Love Island Fans Blast Megan For Calling Georgia A ‘fake B**ch’ In Shock Rant


MEGAN Barton Hanson blasted Georgia Steel as a “fake bitch” – leaving Love Island fans fuming.

The shock catty comment came out of nowhere as she discussed who should leave the villa with her partner Eyal Booker.

Megan showed how she really felt about Georgia in tonight’s Love Island

The couples had to vote on who they thought was the weakest pairing, but Megan took it as an opportunity to air her feelings about her fellow islander.
Megan ranted: “I think Georgia is too over the top with everything.

“If you’re here to find love, chill out and spend time with the person you’re with.

“Don’t be like all jazz hands, calm down.

Georgia has no idea that’s how Megan feels about her

“But that’s not the question, it’s about who is the most compatible.

“Just because I think she’s a fake bitch.”

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Furious fans vented: “Not being funny yeah but megan calling georgia a “fake bitch” is the most hypocritical thing ive ever heard. megan led adam on which caused arguments and then TOLD EYAL ABOUT THE BOYS’ PLAN .”

Another said: “No need for Megan to go in on Georgia like that! Bit sly like! Her and Eyal gotta go! #lovelsland”.

Someone else added: “What Megan said about Georgia is gonna come back to bite her loool.”

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