Love Island Brexit Discussion Explained – Who Said What And Does Hayley Hughes Think It Is About Cutting Down Trees?


LOVE Island got all political when Hayley Highes revealed that she doesn’t know what Brexit is.

Here’s everything you need to know about the stand-out moment from the 2018 series…

Rex Features Hayley Hughes doesn’t know what Brexit is

What was the Love Island Brexit discussion?

On episode five of Love Island 2018 Hayley Hughes admitted that she doesn’t have a clue what Brexit is. 

Here’s how the conversation between Dani, Kendall, Hayley, Samira and Georgia unfolded…

Georgia: So what do you think about Brexit?

Hayley: What’s that?

Georgia: Where we’re leaving the European Union

Hayley: I seriously don’t have a clue…

Samira: So it was to leave the EU so we wouldn’t be part of Europe

Hayley: Oh the EU, yeah, yeah

Georgia: Which would mean like welfare, and like things we trade with would be cut down

The Love Island girls had a heated discussion about Brexit

Does Hayley Hughes think Brexit is about cutting down trees?

Confused by Georgia’s comment on cutting down welfare and trade, Hayley’s confusion continued…

Hayley: So does that mean we won’t have any trees?

Samira: Cheese?

Hayley: Trees

Gerogia: No that’s got nothing to do with it Babe, that’s weather

Dani: Why wouldn’t we have trees?

Hayley: What are yous talking about?

Does Brexit mean it will be harder to go on holidays?

Yes – according to Love Island’s Hayley and Georgia…

Kendall: No we’re just not in the European Union, we’re still classed as like being in Europe

Georgia: But doesn’t it mean it would be harder to go to like Spain and stuff?

Hayley: So it would be harder to go on holidays?

Georgia: Yeah I think so

Hayley: Oh I love my holidays!

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