Love Island 2018 Vocabulary – What Does ‘muggy’ Mean And What Were The Top Phrases And Words From 2017?


LOVE Island 2018 is full of catchphrases, saying and funny words.

But do you know the difference between “prangy” and “muggy”? – here’s your handy guide to all the lingo…

ITV2 Dr Alex was mugged off by Hayley when he tried to kiss her which left him a bit salty

What’s the Love Island 2018 vocabulary?

This year’s series features all your favourite sayings plus some new ones…

Muggy/Mugged Off

If someone is “muggy” they’re generally being a bit disrespectful and rude.

To be “mugged off” means to be taken for a fool or a mug.

This series a classic example of muggy behaviour is Adam kissing Kendall after stealing her off Niall – ice cold.


Prangy is a term used for feeling anxious, paranoid or scared – particularly at the prospect of someone new entering the Love Isand villa.

The word likely comes from the WWII RAF slang word “prang” which was used to describe a bombing raid.

In Australia and New Zealand “prang” can refer to a car crash while in the US it’s slang for crack cocaine.

ITV2 Viewers accused Adam and Kendall of being a bit snakey towards Niall when they kissed


Grower refers to someone who can slowly become more confident and outgoing as the series goes on.

But it can also refer to a love interest who “grows” on you.

In the first episode Samira was coupled with Dr. Alex and said: “I think Alex could be a grower, but for me, I need someone with a lot of personality and a lot of energy… I get bored easily.”


Someone who is described as a “snake” is typically unkind, scheming and deceitful.

Like the animal, snakey people tend to lie in wait, slithering about, just waiting to strike.

An example of snakey behaviour would be Eyal admitting that he has a game plan. 

Drop Me Out

Essex slang for “Oh My God!” – an expression of disbelief or shock.

It’s also used to refer to something unbelievable or incorrect.

The phrase has been used regularly on TOWIE but Rylan Clark once claimed he invented it.


No – it doesn’t mean carrying out detective work.

Fishing means “fishing for compliments” when trying to win over your love interest.

Laura accused Adam of fishing when he was deciding who to couple up with.


Chirpse means to flirt or chat someone up.

It’s possibly derived from “chirp” – the high pitched noise birds make.

At any rate the chirpsing of the contestants this year has already ruffled a few feathers in the villa.

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