Love Island 2018 Couples – Who Did Megan Choose And Which Contestants Have Paired Up After Tonight’s Recoupling?


LOVE Island 2018 is all about the couples.

Everything could change with a second recoupling on June 13 – but here are the current pairs…

Adam chose to recouple with Rosie but he landed himself in hot water after being caught flirting with Megan

Who are the Love Island 2018 couples?

Adam and Rosie

As the only single boy when he arrived, Adam was given 24 hours to get to know the girls before choosing who he wanted to steal and couple up with.

After an intense cliffhanger, viewers found out Adam had chosen Kendall and the two wasted no time in sharing the first kiss of the series.

But it ended badly as at the end of week one Adam chose to re-couple with Rosie – leaving Kendall on her own as she became the first person to be dumped from the villa.

Things weren’t exactly straightforward this time around for Adam either, after he was blasted by Rosie for attempting to flirt with Megan behind her back.

The pair remain coupled – but Rosie made it VERY clear it was because she was the last girl to pick.

ITV Wes and Laura became the first couple this series to land a night in the hideaway

Wes and Laura

20-year-old Nuclear systems design engineer Wes stole former cabin crew member Laura away from Alex.

Despite not stepping forward for Alex, Laura found herself stuck in a couple with the aspiring TV doctor until Wes walked in.

Wes, who had revealed he was looking for a “cougar” to get serious with, ended up with the oldest Islander in the villa with 29-year-old Laura.

The two seem to be going from strength to strength after they became the first couple to spend a night together in the hideaway.

What’s more, the couple went on their first ever date and even discussed moving in together after the show – woah!

WENN Megan controversially opted for Eyal over Dr Alex – but Samira was quick to step in and give the doc some love

Eyal and Megan

Former EverYoung member Eyal Booker became the most popular islander as three of the girls stepped forward for him.

The 22-year-old model chose fellow model Hayley over barmaid Dani and West End performer Samira originally.

Hayley, who has vowed not to have sex on TV, harbours dreams of becoming an actress and wants a role in Coronation Street.

The two didn’t choose to recouple again as Eyal left Hayley in tears after outing her for slamming him behind his back.

Instead, Eyal was chosen by Megan in a controversial move by the Essex blonde.

ITV Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham shared an instant connection on Love Island

Jack and Dani

Stationery sales manager Jack had a choice between the two remaining girls who both stepped forward, Dani and Samira.

The 26-year-old opted to go for Dani and Samira was once again left out in the cold.

The 22-year-old aspiring actress fell for Jack after his cool reaction to who her father is as he admits he ‘really fancies her’.

The two shared their first kiss together before going on a romantic date and agreeing to meet each other’s families.

They remain a couple, as Dani opened up about her feeling toward the cheeky chap.

ITV After he was ditched by former cabin crew member Laura, Alex is left to couple up with Samira but has been trying it on with Megan

Alex and Samira

Alex was the second boy to enter the Love Island villa but after no one stepped forward, the doctor chose to couple up with Laura.

After she ditched him for Wes, Alex was relegated to the sub bench and left viewers cringing after no girls want to couple up with him and he was eventually forced with Samira.

The snubs continued for the A&E doctor as he was left pied off when the girls refused to kiss him during a snogging game.

Alex thought he may have had a chance with new girl Megan after she admits a connection between them, but she ended up choosing Eyal.

Thankfully, Samira stepped in and showered the lovable doc with compliments to pick him back up.

Georgia and Josh coupled up after Niall’s shock exit from the show

Georgia and Josh

Following Niall Aslam’s shock exit from the show, Georgia was left on her own in the Love Island villa.

Though it wasn’t for too long, as during the second recoupling she decided to pair up with new boy Josh.

They even shared a smooch in bed later that night, so things are looking up.

Hayley traded in Eyal for new boy Charlie

Hayley and Charlie

Though she didn’t get on with Eyal much, it seems Hayley Hughes has taken a liking to new boy Charlie.

The pair hit it off on the lad’s first day in the villa and went on to lock lips in bed after the second recoupling of the series.

When choosing Charlie, Hayley made it clear that she was changing things up for someone who was more compatible with her – only time will tell…

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