Lip Reader Reveals What Donald Trump And Kim Jong-un Really Said To Each Other During Historic Handshake


A LIP-READING expert reveals how legendary deal-maker Donald Trump buttered up booze loving Kim Jong-un by offering him a drink within seconds of their historic meeting.

By analysing footage shot beyond the range of microphones, the Sun Online can decipher snatches of the mystery banter between the maverick US president and his mysterious North Korean counterpart.

CNN When Don met Kim… two of the world’s most famous leaders and opponents speak face-to-face for the first time According to our professional lip reader, it seemed the famous Donald Trump charm – which helped him forge his real estate empire – was very much in action.

Not all the chat could be read because of the akward angle of the footage.

But we managed to look at clear shots where the duo were chatting during yesterday’s summit on Singapore’s Sentosa Island and gained a tantilising insight into this momumental meeting.

As reported, our body language expert Darren Stanton, who analysed the extraordinary summit, noted how Trump tried to take the lead while Kim was relaxed – simply because he felt he’d nothing to prove.

And this was borne out by what our lip reader picked up, with motormouth Trump dominating their intimate conversions.

CNN Historic… the moment Kim becomes the first ever North Korean leader to talk face-to-face with a US president On meeting each other Kim greeted Trump by saying in English “nice to meet you, Mr President”.

The odd 13 second handshake then began and our lip-reader picked up Trump saying “thank you – thank you very much”.

But instead of saying let’s get straight down to work, teetotal Trump then appears to appeal to Kim’s famed fondness for a tipple or two.

Looking into Jong-un’s eyes, the North Korean’s new best mate mutters: “Fantastic, I think we can get a drink.”

The portly 35-year-old reputably imports millions of pounds of alcohol for his own consumption.

And the rare times he has stepped foot abroad he has been seen guzzling large amounts of expensive drinks.

During Kim’s trip to China six weeks ago on his alcohol laden train, the dictator was clocked downing shots from a £2,200 bottle of 53 per cent liquor as well as glugging copious wine and Champagne.

Another clip of the Singapore summit, taken minutes after the promise of a drink, shows Kim looking refreshed as he casually strolls along a corridor.

BBC Kim this way… Donald appears to be helping his North Korean pal navigate the corridors of the luxury Capella Hotel Trump then guides Kim by saying “I think we go in here”.

It is understood this was the room where the crunch talks happened.

The two men are then seen emerging into the open as they approach the signing room.

Again Kim looks relaxed and again Trump is charge of the banter, pointing out a feature of the hotel by saying “have you seen this?”

Trump then adds “well, it’s very nice to be here” as Kim flashes the President a smile.

Fox News Kindred spirits… Donald and Kim both share an interest in buildings with the North Korean currently supervising a beach-side tourist resort which currently being developed The final clip we looked at was the moment the two men emerged after signing the bilateral peace agreement calling for nuclear disarmament in the Korean peninsula.

The two leaders stride out for a photo opportunity in front of the North Korean flag and the Stars and Stripes.

Kim remained silent and says nothing to the media while Trump heaped compliment after compliment on his beamming counterpart.

This includes calling him a “talented man” and a “great personality… he’s very smart which is a great combination”, adding how he was a “worthy negotiator”.

Then Trump can be seen taking Kim’s hand and pulling him towards him as part of another alpha male marathon handshake.

Fox News Touching moment… Kim parts with an invitation to his country Trump’s lips read “thank you very much”.

Kim then talks about another “chance to meet me”.

To which Trump replied: “Whenever you’re ready. You’ve done a very good job.

“Thank you very much.

“Have a good time. Have a good flight. [shakes hands] Thank you very much. Thank you.”

Kim then says “thank you” before going his seperate way.

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