Lewd Gaming Championships Launch With £19,000 In Prize Money Up For Grabs


THERE is a lot of hard cash sloshing around competitive gaming these days, with millions being dished out to players of well-known games such as DOTA 2, Overwatch and Fortnite.

There’s now a new player in the game, as adult-oriented publisher Nutaku just announced its own Lewd Gaming Championship, with £19,000 ($25,000) up for grabs.

The Lewd Gaming Championship puts $25,000 on the table for eager dirty-minded gamers

The gameplay itself features 3D tank battles in a variety of scenarios

64 gamers will enter the world’s first adult gaming esports tournament using TnT’s “intense mobile tank warfare”.

All the entrants will get a 12-month membership to adult entertainment site YouPorn, who are sponsoring the event.

It’s not YouPorn’s first foray into competitive gaming – the site has its own Team YP competing in Overwatch and Super Smash Bros tournaments.

TnT is described as an HD mobile game featuring tank-to-tank combat against both the AI in a single-player campaign featuring “sexy militants” and other busty anime beauties.

The campaign mode is certainly not short of titillation

There are a number of different options for online competition

The gameplay itself is mostly not of an adult nature, though it features hentai collectables which most definitely are.

Due to to the game’s adult content it’s only available on Android, and even then only via direct download from Nutaku rather than in the Play Store.

They feature PC and VR games such as Sexbot: Quality Assurance Simulator as well as a range of mobile titles.

If you want to enter the competition, details on how will be posted on Nutaku’s website in the coming weeks.

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